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P08 Classic

The products displayed here are a sample of the products exhibited in the pavilion.
Classical ches...
by Meroni Ugo & Figli Snc

Cherry wood chest of drawers with three big drawers and one small drawer. Here showerd in its varnished finish, Kori chest of drawers is also available in black brushed or ivory lacquered finish. All ...

Art. 778/140
by Minotti Luigi e Benigno Snc

Luxurious writing desk. Classic style writing desk made in solid wood decored with handmade inlays and carvings. Manufactured in Italy. Dimensions: 140x82 H83 cm

by Turati Boiseries

Classic style meeting table in walnut wood. Large oval table for meeting rooms matched with leather upholstered armchairs.

LOVE console 8...
by Veneta Sedie Trading Srl

Consolle processed with the utmost care in solid wood. Ideal for restaurants and hotels. Customizable. Dimensions: H77 W130 D40 cm

by SanVito Angelo & Figli Snc

Upholstered armchair with capitonè back and Swaroski buttons. Luxury classic armchair for hotel and home. Structure in carved wood. Dimensions: 110x85 H90 cm

Stardust C/677...
by Caspani Tino Group

Classic TV Cabinet. Dimensions: cm 432x70x270h

Art. 595
by Minotti Luigi e Benigno Snc

Carved bench. Dimensions: 140x55x50H

Art. 1091
by Bellotti Ezio Arredamenti Srl

Classical sideboard for living room furnishing. Sideboard in Bobinga mogany wood, patinated walnut finish with gold decors. Dimensions: cm. 280x53 h. 94

by Alema Srl

Stacking chair of style collection with wooden beech structure. This chair has upholsered seat and wood back.

by Franzoni Arredamenti srl

Chair suitable for contract and residential. Essence beechwood. Back arch reinforcement. Fabric seat and back. Dimensions 50x98x58

MEGAN chair 84...
by Veneta Sedie Trading Srl

Luxury Chair, featuring an original shape of the backrest. Structure in solid beech. Colors and finishes are customizable. Ideal for contract and home. Dimensions: H118 W53 D50 Hs50 cm

SATURNO Art. 1...
by Tonin Casa Srl

Almond white lacquered bench, covering in turquoise damask Cézanne fabric. Dimensions: W.114 D.38 H.65 cm

Chest of drawe...
by Cugini Marzorati Snc

Classic chest of drawers in walnut crotch for bedroom collection " GRANDUCATO ", with hand-made solid carvings and exclusive wooden inlay. Available both with or without gold leaf details. Sizes: ...

by Corti Cantù Srl

Table in polished brass with transparent glass. Size: Diam. 90 H43 cm.

Art. 1771
by Isella Srl

Accent nightstand with two drawers. Nightstand made of wood with silver leaf finish. Dimensions: cm. 49 x 29 x h.61

Art. 1726/A
by Bakokko Group by Morello Gianluca

Style armchair with structure, legs and armrests in carved wood. Armchair suitable for classic sitting rooms. Decorations in silver finish.

Table luxury P...
by M2L di Marotta A. & C. Sas

Table luxury Paris - Plume of walnut with bois de rose border and inlaid top - Polishing patinated walnut and details with gold foil.

Art. 515
by Isella Srl

Luxury classic hand-carved pouf with round padded seat and antique white and gold finish. Dimensions: cm Ø 43 X h.52

Art. 1098V2
by Bakokko Group by Morello Gianluca

Classic style bed with structure in carved wood. Bed with headboar and footboard padded and upholstered in leather.

Art. 5235
by Bellotti Ezio Arredamenti Srl

Item 5235 Inlaid TV sideboard with mother of pearl . It makes particular the mechanism up and down for TV that allows you to hide the Tv in automatically Size: W171 D88 H101 cm

Casanova appli...
by Bellart Snc

Forged iron wall lamp available in different versions. Casanova knows how to stage the subtle art of seduction in an enchanting symphony of colours and forms. Glass pendant diffusers produced utilisin...

Complements mi...
by Palmobili Srl

Rectangular wall mirror with frame in carved wood. Luxury classic wall mirror. 115x8xh.202 cm

Art.105 armcha...
by Minotti Sedie by Arte Italia Home

Accent armchair for restaurants and hotel. Armchair Louis XVI in beechwood, colour polish also as per customer's request. This model could be prepared with seat and back upholstered, with cane back a...

by Linea Viganò Snc

Luxury classic bed for bedroom furnishing. Superb personality and refinement for a fully equipped nighttime ambience, whether for its tufted trims or the fine upholstery design decorated with traditio...

Console art. 2...
by Osvaldo Toppi

Delightful Louis XVI period reproduction console in hand-carved basswood. The wooden table legs are decorated by hanging lines of bells in the mouldings. The upper band instead is adorned by an engrav...

by Caspani Tino Group

5-seat sofa, suited for classic luxury environments. In this composition you can also see a side table (cm Ø60x66h) and a pouff (cm Ø117x43h ). Dimensions: A/2743/5 Sofa 5 seaters cm 390x155x88h ...

Genesi chandel...
by Bellart Snc

Chandelier with handcrafted glasses made with Murano techniques. Design Michele Bellesso

Frideim Boisei...
by T.S.T. Snc

The wainscoting project comes to life to furnish your home, while also meeting your needs for personalized space, all with elegance and practicality. T.S.T.’s philosophy translates into furnishing the...

Onda applique
by Bellart Snc

Applique in chromed metal and pendants in lead glass. Sinuous shade, in polycarbonate fiber, which switches on the transparency of unexpected shades, always different. Available finishing: white la...

by Linea Viganò Snc

Precious trims and accurate workmanship such as the handmade quilted inserts or the riveted profiles done by manual hammering (true to the best carpentry tradition of the Brianza) are some of the high...

Art. 517
by Isella Srl

Luxury classic padded bench with hand-carved silver leaf wood finish and capitonè padding. Also available in gold leaf finish. Dimensions: cm 130 X 43 X h.50

by Cugini Marzorati Snc

Classic bedside table in walnut crotch for bedroom collection " ROYAL NOCE ", with hand-made solid carvings and exclusive wooden inlay. Sizes: 60 x 41 x 75H Optional available: marble top ...

Raffaello ward...
by Arredoclassic Srl

Classic style wardrobe. The beautiful 24 carats gold plated handles have been processed with a diamond toll to create the mill reflecting effect. An important picture needs to be suitably framed. T...

Agnese stool
by Xedra Srl

A very pleasant and fine looking beech wood stool. Behind its apparent simplicity it hides a manufacturing complexity. Suitable for restaurants, it’s a really comfortable and solid stool.

Liberty mirror
by Arredoclassic Srl

Elegant and fashionable, the new large wall mirror “Mural” has been designed to complete the already wide range of available items in the Liberty Collection. The Liberty Collection is the new furni...

Cocto armchair
by Belloni Srl

Classic armchair with pouf. Stuffed armchair with wooden polished frame. Dimensions: 65x75 H85 cm

by Palmobili Srl

Corner sofa mod. VALENTINA, mis. Cm. terminal part 145x110x105h, mis .cm. central part 140x110x115h, mis. Cm. terminal part 145x110x105h, inside frame made in multistrato + solid poplar and fir, with ...

Dahalia C/424/...
by Caspani Tino Group

Composition with classic chest of drawers (cm 139x53x90h) and mirror (cm 95x110h).

Art. 797
by Galimberti F.lli SnC

Louis XV table with oak top. Dimensions: cm 160x100x77 h

Chic ceiling l...
by Bellart Snc

Ceiling lamp with elegant and refined lines. Soft spirals realized in Murano Glass developing on a metal structure decorated in precious silver leaf. Hand crafted satin Pyrex glass diffusers. Special ...

Art. 885
by Bellotti Ezio Arredamenti Srl

Art. 885 Double door ivory lacquered with gold W168 H280 cm

Art. 1783 Carm...
by Isella Srl

Accent console for home halls and living rooms. Console in wood with distressed white finish. Dimensions: cm 140 x 43 x h.89

3440 DISPLAY C...
by SanVito Angelo & Figli Snc

Veneered showcase with 2 doors, lacquered finish. Suitable for classics living rooms. Dimensions: H220 W130 D50 cm

Saint Germain ...
by Caspani Tino Group

4-seat sofa, suited for classic luxury environments. Dimensions: cm 280x85x98h

Art. 2001 ches...
by Vimercati Snc di Sandro & Enrico

Luxury classic chest of drawers for bedroom. Chest of drawers in pinewood and beech wood suitable for luxury hotel and home furnishing. White on gold leaf finish. Sizes: W121 D54 H111 cm

Art. 2200 Lily
by Isella Srl

Luxury classic wall mirror with wooden frame in black and silver leaf aged finish. Dimensions: diam.102 cm

Art. 3184
by Bellotti Ezio Arredamenti Srl

Luxury classic chest of 3 drawers in briarwood with inlay, stained cherry with gold and black, complete of mirror Item 3184 Chest of drawers W136 D55 H91 cm ...

Art. 1174
by Bellotti Ezio Arredamenti Srl

Two doors accent sideboard ideal for living room. Sideboard in briarwood with mahogany inlays. Dimensions: cm. 188x55 h.102

C129 Ellittico
by Carpanelli Spa

Luxury classic chest of drawers. Here is another example of creative genius and manual skill. Chest of drawers with a refined, elliptical shape, rich in details. The structure is made of slabs of soli...

by Bianchini

Dining table w/round shape and fixed top, veneers: ash burl, walnut burl and palissandr inlay.

Bed art. 58
by Osvaldo Toppi

Luxury bed in hand-carved basswood. The headborad, embellished by floreal patterns and a huge central seashell, displays a lavish moulding with engraved curls and sinuous shapes. The footboard has two...

Art. 287
by Galimberti F.lli SnC

Wing armchair in leather. Dimensions: cm 75x83x102 h

3370 BEDSIDE T...
by SanVito Angelo & Figli Snc

Bedside table '800 hand carved. OBS finish. Suitable for classics bedrooms. Dimensions: W60 D40 H80 cm

2980 COFFE TAB...
by SanVito Angelo & Figli Snc

Wooden tables suitable for decorating living rooms with classic lines.

Las Vegas Head...
by M2L di Marotta A. & C. Sas

Head-chair luxury Las Vegas - striped velvet colour cream - Polishing lacquered pearl white iridescent gold with pyramids-shaped with silver foil.

TA33 New class...
by Carpanelli Spa

Made of solid walnut, the table rests on rounded legs which lend elegance to the piece. The extendable top, made of Ferrara walnut with flat rhombus working, is beautifully inlaid. The inlays of the p...

NETTUNO Art. 1...
by Tonin Casa Srl

Classic style console with five drawers. Console here showed in polynesian blue lacquered finish. Dimensions: W.150 D.41 H.80 cm

Art. 1130 Luxo...
by Vimercati Snc di Sandro & Enrico

Wardrobe closet for bedroom. Luxury classic wardrobe closet in wood for home or luxury hotel. Dimensions: L298 P72 H257,5 cm

Art. B-2012
by F.lli Consonni Snc

Baroque style console with silver and gold leaf finish. Luxury console in hand carved wood. In the picture the console is matched with the mirror Art. B-2013. Dimensions: cm 175 x 66 x 90h

Art. 319
by Galimberti F.lli SnC

Coffee table with two tops, black lacquered with decorations. Dimensions: cm Ø 60x66 h

by Elledue Arredamenti Srl

Show-cases and bookcases with carved solid wood cornice. Structure in multilayer wood, shiny myrtle briar plated. Solid wood cornices decorated in gold leaf. Different sizes available on request. ...

Nettuno wardro...
by FB Bianchi

Lacquered wardrobe with 4 doors. Wardrobe with luxury classic style suitable for bedroom furniture of hotels and home. Made entirely of honeycomb. Coated with special lacquer finish in gold or silver ...

505 CAP
by Mar Srl

Classical armchair suitable for hotel furnishing. armchair in beech wood with seat, back and sides capitoné upholstered, wood finishing and coating on request.

KELLY chair 80...
by Veneta Sedie Trading Srl

Chair in beech wood with upholstered seat and back. Customized coverings and colors. Dimensions: H94 W50 D49 Hs49 cm

Venezia appliq...
by Bellart Snc

Forged iron applique available with 1, 2 or 4 lights. The proverbial artisan mastery skill in working forged iron is further enriched by strings of glass beads produced utilising Murano glass working ...

Wooden ceiling...
by Turati Boiseries

Boiserie carved wood lowered panelled ceiling for the interior. The programme for the total furnishings Evolution 2006 foresees also the manufacturing of caisson false ceilings perfectly matching the...

Donatello sofa
by Arredoclassic Srl

Neoclassical style sofa with handcarved wooden structure. The “Donatello” lounge can be upholstered in our vast range of choice fabrics, including velvets, damasks, gold-printed fabrics or leather of ...

Art. 261/Q
by Isella Srl

Coffee table with square top. Classic Louis XVI table with walnut and gold finish. Dimensions: cm 120 X 120 X h.44

Art. 1704/B
by Bakokko Group by Morello Gianluca

Classic style barstool with metal base and footrest suitable for hotel and restaurant furnishing. Barstool with carved wood decorations, padded seat and backrest.

Raffaello tabl...
by Arredoclassic Srl

The gold leaf is applied with extreme care on table legs and feet frames by our high-skilled craftsmen. All parts with gold leaf finish are duly polished and protected with a high gloss coat to grant ...

by Cugini Marzorati Snc

Classic oval mirror for bedroom collection " Olimpia / B ", with hand-made carvings and gold leaf details. Sizes: 101 x 81H

Art. 4723
by Bellotti Ezio Arredamenti Srl

Art.4723 Luxury classic sofa lacquered white with bronze. Upholstering of sofa and armchair can be chosen according to every needs. In this composition are shown: Item 4723 Armchair Dimensions: ...

by Minotti Claudio & C. Snc

Rectangular table with three extensions. Classical table with veneer walnut wood top with bois de rose inlay. Structure in solid wood, turned and hand-carved legs. Hideaway support central legs. Dime...

Raffaello ches...
by Arredoclassic Srl

Luxury chest of drawers with handcrafted decorations. Chest of drawers ideal for classical style bedrooms. An important picture needs to be suitably framed. The amazing RAFFAELLO frame with a varia...

549 Casanova F...
by OscarItalia®

The armchair Casanova Alta, in revisited baroque style by OscarItalia®, it is a luxurious model with majestic lines, and it is entirely manufactured in Italy by skilled artisans. Its carved wooden fra...

547 Maria
by OscarItalia®

The Maria collection, in revisited baroque style by OscarItalia®, offers luxurious and sophisticated lines, and it is entirely manufactured in Italy by skilled artisans. Its carved wooden frame is ava...

by Cugini Marzorati Snc

Classic luxury home office desk in brierwood for collection "IMPERO", with hand-made solid carvings and exclusive wooden inlay. Available both with or without gold leaf details. The desk is available ...

by Meroni Snc

Oval table with top in Tanganyika plate walnut and Bahia solid wood legs, extensible. Dimensions: H78 W95/255 D120 cm

MILOS sofa 854...
by Veneta Sedie Trading Srl

Two or three seater sofa suitable for home and hall of hotel. Sofa with structure in beech and poplar, upholstered with polyurethane and covered with fabric. This original sofa is matched with confort...

TOFEE armchair...
by Veneta Sedie Trading Srl

Armchair classic original shape curl. Completely in solid beech with curved arms. Dimensions: H82 W62, 5 D54 Hs48 Hb67 cm

by Carpanelli Spa

Paneling system using three basic elements: columns, panels and horizontal strips. The lower part of the column has vertical fretwork bounded by a rosewood strip with fillet; a decorative rosewood ban...

Boiserie Class...
by Turati Boiseries

A new classical décor concept: the ClassMode collection goes one step beyond traditional organizational boundaries, offering an integral solutions system of customized furniture, containers and wood p...

Art. 301 Mida
by Isella Srl

Cornucopia table with two crystal tops and antique white and gold leaf finish. Dimensions: cm 120 X 80 X h.48

Art. 1095V2
by Bakokko Group by Morello Gianluca

Luxury classic bookcase with carved wood decorations. Bookcase suitable for living room furnishing.

Art.448 barsto...
by Minotti Sedie by Arte Italia Home

Barstool Louis XVI in beechwood , colour also as per customer’s request. This model could be prepared with seat and back upholstered, or with cane back and upholstered seat. Upholstery with springs, w...

Art. 1701/B
by Bakokko Group by Morello Gianluca

Classic style barstool with medaillon shaped backrest. Barstool with gold leaf decorations. Classic style barstool with upholstered seat and backrest.

by Palmobili Srl

Luxury classic chair with armrests. Chair with polished patinated white finish with gold particular, with silk fabric for the covering, hand-crafted upholstered. 55x50x106h cm.

Caravaggio cap...
by Galimberti Mario Snc

Double bed fully stuffed and with capitonné decoration. Luxury classic bed upholstered with leather. Dimensions: cm 228x174x90h.

Art. 1185
by Minotti Luigi e Benigno Snc

Inlaid table with 4 legs. Dimensions: 130x130x80h

Art. 5771
by Bellotti Ezio Arredamenti Srl

This luxury carved sofa is composed by: Art. 5771 Luxury classic armchair in carved stained gold and silver finished. Armchair ideal for accent sitting room furnishing. Dimensions: W76 D80 H115 c...

by Croce Giovanni & Figlio Snc di

Extending round console table suited for residential use. Dimensions: H80-76 Diam.120 cm

Ambassador cap...
by Pigoli Salotti Srl

Sofa with a classic contemporary style. Special and sophisticated quilted padding on the armrests. A wide selection of fabrics and leathers is available for the upholstery. Sofas available in various ...

by Friultone Chairs Srl

Armchair in wood. Armchair for accent furnishing. Structure in beech wood with upholstered seat and back. Dimensions: H100 P53 L63 cm

714 CHEST OF D...
by SanVito Angelo & Figli Snc

Classic style chest of drawers with curved lines, decorated with bronze details.

CR48 Vanity
by Carpanelli Spa

Cupboard in érable, myrtle wood stained walnut and gold leaf. Suited for classic lines environments. Dimensions: cm 222x60x103 h

P08 Classic
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