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P08 Classic

The products displayed here are a sample of the products exhibited in the pavilion.
Elite chest of...
by FB Bianchi

Luxury classic chest of drawers in walnut with 3 drawers interlocking dovetail. 4 drawers and central flap. Carvings and inlays made completely by hand. Wax finish. Also available with marble floors a...

93 / Showcase ...
by Marzorati Srl

Classic luxury display cabinet with 3 doors in walnut crotch for dining room collection " 93 ", with hand-made solid carvings and exclusive wooden inlay. Available both with or without gold leaf deta...

Anima chandeli...
by Bellart Snc

The art of forging lives in the elegance of the shapes and in details care. Refined structure in metal enriched with precious details with necklaces and SW crystal pendants. Available finishing: p...

Bed with box
by Tierre Salotti Sas

Bed with box with head tufted cover with vegetable white tanning, natural full grain, smooth and polish aspect

NETTUNO Art. 1...
by Tonin Casa Srl

Classic style console with five drawers. Console here showed in polynesian blue lacquered finish. Dimensions: W.150 D.41 H.80 cm

by Franzoni Arredamenti srl

Wooden table with leg Ø73 mm. Dimensions 80x80, 90x90, 130x80, 160x80

by Meroni Snc

Luxury classic table in wood. Table, polished fixed, top in white ash burl plate, edge and small inlays in walnut, black trimming, beech-wood legs. Dimensions: H78 W140 D100 cm

Console art. 2...
by Osvaldo Toppi

Two leg Louis XV period reproduction console in solid hand-carved basswood. The central band, embellished by leaves and a beautiful rope engraving that unravels till the table legs, displays a large s...

Art. 930
by Galimberti F.lli SnC

Polished chair with arms. Dimensions: cm 60x62x102 h

F500 Display c...
by Fratelli Bazzi Mobili d’Arte Snc

Luxury classic display cabinet. All realized in hand-made solid natural inlayed wood.Details in gold leaf.

by T. Arredi Srl

Chair of the highest quality and refinement, a piece of furniture of classic style to match to any cover: leather, fabric together, classic, patterned, Flag. Inimitable elegance that gives a real touc...

by Meroni Snc

Accent chair for hotel. Chair polished beechwood with antiqued gold leaf. Dimensions: H102 W58 D59 Hs50 cm

by SanVito Angelo & Figli Snc

White laquered bookcase, suited for classics environments.

Dahalia C/424/...
by Caspani Tino Group

Composition with classic chest of drawers (cm 139x53x90h) and mirror (cm 95x110h). C/424/C/2 Chest of drawers cm 139x53x90h C/425/2 Mirror cm 95x110h C/429/C/2 Table Lamp cm 30x30x69h

Art. 514
by Isella Srl

Luxury classic chair for residential and contract use. Chair Louis XVI style, hand-carved, amtique white and gold leaf finish. Dimensions: cm 48 x 46 x h.97

by Marzorati Srl

Classic rectangular dining table with legs and side extensions (self storing) in walnut crotch for dining room collection " ROYAL NOCE ", with hand-made solid carvings and exclusive wooden inlay. S...

Art. 1140 Oxfo...
by Vimercati Snc di Sandro & Enrico

Wardrobe for luxury classic bedroom. Four doors wardrobe closet in wood for home or luxury hotel. Dimensions: L303 P66 H260 cm

by Marzorati Srl

Classic sideboard with 4 doors in brierwood for dining room collection " DUCALE ", with hand-made solid carvings and exclusive wooden inlay. Available both with or without gold leaf details. Sizes:...

by SanVito Angelo & Figli Snc

Mirror with silver leaf finish. Suited for classics residential environments. Dimensions: H90 W140 cm

Art. 1473LQ
by Bakokko Group by Morello Gianluca

Luxury classic chest of drawers in carved wood with silver leaf decoration. Classic style chest with three drawers.

by Sedia Elite Srl

Chair in wood with upholstered seat for dining room. Chair with wrought wood back. Dimensions: L45 P49 H89 cm

Art. 2070
by Bellotti Ezio Arredamenti Srl

Art. 2070 Bookcase with four doors. Bookcase made of bois de rose wood, suitable for office and living room furnishing. Dimensions: W225 D61 H204 cm Art. 2071 Writing desk in bois de rose wood, ...

Art. 588
by Maggi Massimo

Pure cotton pouf, patchwork manufacturing, available in color: red and green. Dimensions: H38 W55 D55 cm

by Caspani Tino Group

Classic dormeuse cm 220x100x99h.

by Arnaboldi Interiors Srl

Elegant entrance door in solid oak. The polished brass door handle was created upon specific request by the customer, and is clearly one-of-a-kind. This is the strength behind a company that meets eac...

Art. 1150 Cano...
by Vimercati Snc di Sandro & Enrico

Wardrobe closet in wood suitable for furnishing of luxury classic hotel. Wardrobe closet for bedroom.

93 / Round tab...
by Marzorati Srl

Classic round dining table with legs and side extensions (not self storing) in walnut crotch for dining room collection " 93 ", with hand-made solid carvings and exclusive wooden inlay. Available bot...

Art. 961/L
by Minotti Luigi e Benigno Snc

Luxury armchair suitable for sitting room. Classic style armchair with structure in wood handcarved by italian craftmen. Dimensions: cm 80x65 H123

Donatello sofa
by Arredoclassic Srl

Neoclassical style sofa with handcarved wooden structure. The “Donatello” lounge can be upholstered in our vast range of choice fabrics, including velvets, damasks, gold-printed fabrics or leather of ...

Donatello side...
by Arredoclassic Srl

In the Donatello sideboard the screen-printed decoration of the surfaces, the engraved glass and the gold leaf trims create a composition of great beauty. ARREDOCLASSIC presents the new Donatello c...

Art. 3102
by Bellotti Ezio Arredamenti Srl

Item 3102 Chest of drawers with folding top lacquered craquelè with decorations made by hand. W100 P49 H100 cm To complete the room furnishing is available the TV cabinet item 3103 W80 P47 H72 cm,...

Modular classi...
by Meroni Ugo & Figli Snc

Modular bookcase for living room. IL DELO is a modular concept made of fitted out elements with shelves, doors and drawers that, approched each others, can built up the most different compositions. Th...

by Fratelli Bazzi Mobili d’Arte Snc

Carved chair with wood structure and upholstered seat and back.

Raffaello ward...
by Arredoclassic Srl

Classic style wardrobe. The beautiful 24 carats gold plated handles have been processed with a diamond toll to create the mill reflecting effect. An important picture needs to be suitably framed. T...

548 - 450 Armc...
by OscarItalia®

The armchair 450, in revisited baroque style by OscarItalia®, offers luxurious and sophisticated lines, and it is entirely manufactured in Italy by skilled artisans. Its carved wooden frame is availab...

Office boiseri...
by Turati Boiseries

Manager office with wooden wall paneling in semi-glossy walnut finish.

by Christian Meyer Srl

Black lacquered Luigi XV cherry wood writing table. This writing table is suited for classics offices and residential environments.

Art. 1713/A
by Bakokko Group by Morello Gianluca

Classic style office chair with armrests. Office chair on castors with structure made in carved wood. Padded seat, armrests and backrest.


Table in wood 80x80

Art. IR094
by Galimberti F.lli SnC

Bedside table painted pinstripe suit with silver accents. Dimensions: 54x44x52 cm h

Art. 201/1
by F.lli Consonni Snc

Wall clock completely inlay in natural wood according to ancient tradition. The subject is landscape. Quartz movement. Size cm. 78 x 78 x 7 Size inch.30.7 x 30.7 x 2.7 inch.

KAO Art. 4256
by Tonin Casa Srl

Side table with three drawers. Unit with drawers, wild aubergine finish and top in untreated walnut wood (with decoration). Also available in black lacquered finish. Dimensions: W.34 H.73 cm

by Divanidea

Sofa with leather upholstery. Sofa with wooden structure with polyurethane foam padding. Leather or alcantara non-removable upholstery. AVAILABLE ONLY FOR ITALIAN MARKET

Art 708-709
by Olympus Brass

Clock and consolle in LuigiXIV style made by the parisian cabinet maker Lessure. Golden bronze hand chiselled mother of pearl white and black. Dimensions: H106 W80 D32 cm

by Christian Meyer Srl

Walnut extensible table with a central inlaid star. This table is suited for classics environments.

Art. 1790 Cris...
by Isella Srl

Luxury classic bed for residential and hotel bedrooms. Bed with wooden frame in silver leaf finish, padded headrest upholstered in taffetà fabric with Swarovski. Dimensions: cm. 180 x 200 x h.160

Album Display ...
by Minotti Collezioni Srl

Classic dalnut slab display cabinet, suited for classics residential environments. Dimensions: H170 W135 D45 cm

TA27 Luci dell...
by Carpanelli Spa

Extendible table with mirrors. The designer Prof. Leopoldo Carpanelli, with is nephew Architect Giuseppe, has created a piece which, as well as being an extraordinary example of refinement, also has a...

by SanVito Angelo & Figli Snc

Display cabinet for dining room and living room. Luxury classic cabinet carved hand with finish in walnut wood. Dimensions: 135x52 H240 cm

by Citterio Fratelli

Louis XVI sofa set, accurately carved in solid wood. As for all other Citterio collections, it is available with different finishes and fabrics, that appraise and enrich its precious style even more.

by Meroni Snc

Classic chair for restaurant and dining room. Chair, polished with rings and gold edge in white. Structure in solid beechwood and fabric upholstery. Dimensions: H91 W50 D54 Hs51,5 cm

Art.186 chair
by Minotti Sedie by Arte Italia Home

Classic chair for living room and restaurants. Chair with beechwood structure and padded seat. Dimensions: H96 W48 D56 cm

714 CHEST OF D...
by SanVito Angelo & Figli Snc

Classic style chest of drawers with curved lines, decorated with bronze details.

by Galimberti F.lli SnC

Classic corner sofa with carved wooden legs. Dimensions: cm 265x265x97x90 h

Art. 1407/Z
by Galimberti F.lli SnC

Bedside table with silver and gold decorations. Dimensions: cm 50x30x60 h

by Aurea Srl

Consolle tables. Dimensions: 171x84x92h cm. Finishes, sizes and accessories are totally customizable. Finishing at your choice: water gilding with leaf in pure 23¾ KT gold leaf, or similgold (gilt me...

Art. L78/B
by Maggi Massimo

Chandelier with crocodile printed calf skin lampshade and remote control to increase or decrease the distance from the ceiling. Dimensions: cm. 52 h. x 50 p. x 110 l.

by Linea Viganò Snc

Sofa with classical lines. Stylistic achievement and expressiveness are the themes closest to the heart of European furnishing culture with an international taste: the most elegant homes of the five c...

Art. 1786
by Isella Srl

Luxury classic nightstand for bedroom. Nightstand with three drawers in wood with distressed black finish and gold leaf. Dimensions: cm. 53 x 35 x h.60

Raffaello ches...
by Arredoclassic Srl

Luxury chest of drawers with handcrafted decorations. Chest of drawers ideal for classical style bedrooms. An important picture needs to be suitably framed. The amazing RAFFAELLO frame with a varia...

by Marzorati Srl

Classic luxury home office bookcase in brierwood for collection "IMPERO", with hand-made solid carvings and exclusive wooden inlay. Available both with or without gold leaf details. The bookcase is av...

JOKER table 80...
by Veneta Sedie Trading Srl

Table of high quality in solid wood.It 'made with a reversing plan, in the first one we find a splendid chessboard, once turned the plan we find you a surface in green cloth it adapts for any card gam...

SE 049
by Drigani Galliano Snc

Wood chair with stuffed seat and back. This chair is suited for residential use, bars and restaurants.

The Throne
by Caspani Tino Group

Throne, suited for classic luxury. Dimensions: cm 98x95x195h

MIMì quadro sm...
by Veneta Sedie Trading Srl

Lounge table square with the original forms with classical elements. Plan finely decorated with details in silver and glossy wax. Dimensions: H44 W76 D76 cm

by Caspani Tino Group

Office composition with finely crafted library (380x52x245h cm), Writing desk (210x90x79h cm), swivel armchair (cm 67x64x145h) and chairs with arms (cm 65x69x123h). C/967 Bookcase cm 380x52x245h ...

Art. 2400 Vale...
by Isella Srl

Luxury classic bed with hand-carved headboard, tufted with Swarovski. Dimensions: 200x210 H145 cm

by Arnaboldi Interiors Srl

Wardrobe with 2 wood doors, 3 doors with central glass and wood structure. This wardrobe is suited for classics bedrooms.

Liberty mirror
by Arredoclassic Srl

Elegant and fashionable, the new large wall mirror “Mural” has been designed to complete the already wide range of available items in the Liberty Collection. The Liberty Collection is the new furni...

Art. 425p
by Olympus Brass

Watch columns with inserts style Limoges-style empire-sevres (France first met. '800). Dimensions: H42 W25 D18 cm

by Veneta Sedie Trading Srl

Louis XVI style chair, hand made carved, gold leaf finishing and leather. Dimensions: H109 W54 D56 Hs46 cm

F120 Bed
by Fratelli Bazzi Mobili d’Arte Snc

Luxury bed. Reproduction of a present bed in Versailles. Completely carved in fine solid wood by hand. Completion in leaf gold.

by Linea Viganò Snc

Luxury classic sofa with upholstered seat and back. Wooden structure with gold leaf finish.

3395 TRUM
by SanVito Angelo & Figli Snc

Trum inlaid with flap. Cherry finish. Suitable for decorating residential environments. Dimensions: W125 D50 H118 cm

Saint Germain ...
by Caspani Tino Group

Modular sofa (cm 270x270x115h), pouff (cm diam. 60x52h) and coffee tables tables (cm diam. 112x50h - cm diam. 62x50h). This composition is suited for classics luxury.

Art. 101
by Palmobili Srl

Luxury chair, in art deco style, upholster with suede leather, feets laquered like polyester, carving in gold foil, made in different colours and finishing, mis. Mm. 530x530x1090H.

Wall Mirror ar...
by Osvaldo Toppi

Luxury period reproduction wall mirror in solid hand-carved basswood. Ivory and gold leaf finish with patina added. Wonderful decorations on the inner edge of the frame and on the moulding on top. Mat...

Raffaello tabl...
by Arredoclassic Srl

The gold leaf is applied with extreme care on table legs and feet frames by our high-skilled craftsmen. All parts with gold leaf finish are duly polished and protected with a high gloss coat to grant ...

Art. M728
by Galimberti F.lli SnC

Chest of drawers in walnut with inlays. Dimensions: cm 126x54x90 h

Art. 2026/952/...
by Vimercati Snc di Sandro & Enrico

Luxury classic bed with leather capitonne headboard. Bed for bedrooms of luxury hotel and home. Dimensions: W173 D220 H119 cm

by SanVito Angelo & Figli Snc

Console with mirror, glossy lacquered contemporary piece of furniture. Console ideal for entrance furnishing.

TA32 Quadrifog...
by Carpanelli Spa

As always the genial idea is, apparently, the simplest. This is the first impression you get on looking at the Quadrifoglio table, so much so that it seems impossible not to have thought of it before....

Art. 2010 Bed
by Vimercati Snc di Sandro & Enrico

Bed (high footboard) tufted leather headboard and silver leaf finish. Suited for classic ambience. Dimensions: H130 W197 D229 cm

Boiserie Delfi...
by Turati Boiseries

Evergreen classic. Furnishing proposals starting form tradition to furnish the house according to each personal style and unique requirements. Delfi profits from the ancient inlay processing, on the d...

Fenice wainsco...
by Boghi Arredamenti di Boghi Paolo

Example of furnishing realized by measure using "Fenice" door and wainscoting collection with double door showcase and two sideboards.

3225 ARMCHAIR ...
by SanVito Angelo & Figli Snc

Upholstered armchair with decapè finish. Luxury classic armchair for hotel and home. Structure in hand carved wood. Dimensions: 110x85 H90 cm

Art. 962 table...
by Vimercati Snc di Sandro & Enrico

Extendable luxury classic table in walnut wood. Table for classic dining room and living room. Sizes table W120-195 D120 H78 cm chair W48 D54 H97 cm

Desk 050
by Turati Boiseries

The attention to detail is also found in the desks and bureaus, which maintain the same line and the same elegance of the current models ClassMode.

Art.183 chair
by Minotti Sedie by Arte Italia Home

Classic chair for living room and restaurants. Classic chair in mahogany, maplewood or walnut, colour also as per customer's request, upholstery with panel with elastic belts, with the possibility of...

Console art. 2...
by Osvaldo Toppi

Extraordinary hand-engraved VII century style console in solid basswood. The table legs are similar in shape to a sea horse; all the table and the cross section are embellished by majestic carvings of...

Art. 930 table
by Vimercati Snc di Sandro & Enrico

Classic table with wooden top, held by caryatid-shaped legs, decorated with grey coated gold leaf. Dimensions: diam.85 H68 cm

LOVE consolle ...
by Veneta Sedie Trading Srl

Console high worked in detail with solid wood. Ability to customize the color. Suitable for hotels and restaurants revenue. Dimensions: H97 W50 D35 cm

by Croce Giovanni & Figlio Snc di

"Fratino style" writing desk with 2 drawers. This writing desk is suited for classics luxury residential environments. Dimensions: H80 W160 D70 cm

P08 Classic
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