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Via delle Forche 36
35013 Cittadella di Padova (Padova)
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Gobbo Salotti
INFO ABOUT Gobbo Salotti

In traditional furniture processing, Gobbo Salotti fits with a fine production of living rooms, which have spread the name of the company on a national scale and favored the expansion in various European, Middle Eastern and overseas countries. The company, started in Cittadella (Pd) in 1975, was born in a small workshop located in Via delle Forche where Giovanni Gobbo and his wife Teresa Zanon are dedicated to the production of custom-made salons.

After this first period Gobbo Salotti gradually moved to the realization of an ever-increasing number of products linked to different models and styles, leading, in 1982, to the supply of upholstery for the legendary "ORIENT EXPRESS" train, and for the special "CONFERENCE" train set up by the Ferrovie dello Stato in 1990 at the same time as the Football World Cup held in Italy in the same year. In the following years, alongside Giovanni and Teresa, the sons Sonia, Alessandro, Cristian and Enrico gradually joined, thanks to which our company was able to expand the modeling and start the production of other objects related to the concept of "living space" "Such as seats, carpets, curtains and furnishing accessories.

Thanks to an experience of over 40 years our company is now able to offer you a reliable product in which the careful choice of materials, the careful execution of the work and a meticulous control of the finishes are the standard applied to all models in production. Thanks to this method Gobbo Salotti is able to offer all its customers a 10-year warranty valid on all products.