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Via dell’Artigianato 24
33048 San Giovanni al Natisone (Udine)
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Mstyle by Mael srl
INFO ABOUT Mstyle by Mael srl

Mael s.r.l. Was born in 1999 from the initiative of the current property that has been operating furniture and furnishing for years.
Located in the center of the "Triangle of the Chair", a territory rich in history and presence for the sector, an area enclosing a very narrow range of components and semi-finished products for wooden, office and office chairs.

The business establishment covers an area of 3000 square meters, of which 2000 square meters are between offices, warehouses and laboratories. Inside there are 10 employees between employees and workers, under the direction of the single administrator.

The company employs the collaboration of numerous outsiders who are historically operating in this area, thus ensuring the highest service and punctuality even in case of saturation of internal production capacity.

Since its inception, the company has focused mainly on foreign markets, gaining knowledge and experience especially in Eastern Europe.

From this route the new production unit in Bosnia is born, where beechwood plywood components such as seats, backrests, beds and sofas are produced. Reality that allows Mael to be competitive while ensuring the solidity of wood even on economic operating sessions.

In recent years, it has begun to take shape of the sales network in Italy, which is targeted at all specialist retailers, and the Mstyle brand continues to grow.

The will is to be able to provide the customer with a comprehensive choice ranging from entry level articles to high-end items with certifications and guarantees to protect the customer and the end consumer.