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Via Pietro Brocchi 25
22060 Cabiate (Como)
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Piemme Paralumi
INFO ABOUT Piemme Paralumi

The field of lighting is undoubtedly made up of lights and shadows, where the changes and the facets are essential and now fundamental customization to make each product unique.
Piemme Paralumi has created a new company, marrying the illuminating idea of customization around the customer to lampshades for chandeliers and lampshades creating bespoke, where the customer is at the center of the scene, where the combination of reality and the artisan experience blends with classic or modern design, and where the production of a wide range of shades for hanging lamps, lamp shades for table lamps and lampshades for bespoke lamps is not only "production" trade, but " creation "and" innovation "around the customer.
So it is our vocation play our creations around it, whether it's with original floor lamps and chandeliers, classic or modern shades, always custom lampshades at any diameter or part required.
Without shadows, we illuminate the scene for over 40 years!