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P11 Design

The products displayed here are a sample of the products exhibited in the pavilion.
Kayak SG LG
by Midj Srl

Swivel barstool adjustable in height with chromed footrest and frame, satin inox base, shaped wooden seat of different finishes. Design by Rudy Vernier

by Sala Attilio

Patent-covered table of exclusive design. Elegant and suitable to every environment. Highly precious structure with hand-treated solid wood parts. Every item is a unique piece. Glossy steel finishe...

My heart 0/25
by Pezzani Home Collection

My heart is a multipurpose table, which can be used to enjoy a coffee or an apetizer comfortably sitting on your sofa. Made in Italy table's structure is in varnished steel whereas the heart shaped...

by Linfa Design

Chaise longue in solid oak or american walnut with removable cover according to our fabric collection. Available with fabric supplied by the customer. Fabric* needed: cm 280x140h. Would you please let...

Incrocio H47:7...
by Luxy Spa

InCrocio is available with chromed or white cross-shaped base and leg combinable with chromed, black or white finish. Available in heights of 360-690-1020mm or variable height of 470:710mm or 720:109...

Form 489
by COM.P.AR Srl

Adjustable and swivel stool with chromed round base, seat in white or ash grey polyurethane. Design Gino Carollo Dimensions: W46 D45 H59/93 cm

by Pregia Srl

Polystyrene chair Dimensions: W87xD60xH96 cm Available in: -White polystyrene and black MDF -Black polystyrene + honeycomb cardboard

ART. 251/A DIA...
by Trabaldo Srl

Fixed or adjustable stool with pump gas system, shell covered with hard leather or croco. design: arch. Piero De Longhi Dimensions: W 40 D 48 HS 55/80 Hs 87/112 cm

Moà 576/577
by COM.P.AR Srl

Fixed table in white, dove grey bright lacquered or in walnut wood. Round or oval shaped transparent safety glass. Design Arter&Citton Dimensions: W152 D103 H75 cm

by Dal Segno Design Srl

Classic design table with joyfull glass top. Frame in lacquered metal tube. Glass top with digital print finish. Fit and comfortable for 6 persons. Dimensions: H76 158x80 cm - thikness 10 mm

Nisha Armchair...
by eforma

The Nisha collection is characterized by a minimalist design that recalls the archetype of the chair. The right balance of volumes makes it a discreet and elegant object, in harmony with any furniture...

pocket coloure...
by Area Declic by Arrmet Group

Folding design kitchen chair. Compact, functional and universal. Folding chair with painted steel frame and seat and back in polypropylene. It's also available the practical wall hook Pocket. Design...

Glamour Wood
by Dal Segno Design Srl

Chair with double colour shell in acrylic; frame in solid ashwood natural or bleached finish. Chair with a timeless classic design. Dimensions: H87,5 Hs47 D52,5 W48,5 cm

Nido 285
by COM.P.AR Srl

Coffee table in white laquered MDF with ash grey edges or ash grey lacquered mdf with white edges. Top in white or ash grey extraclear safety matt glass. Design Andrea Lucatello Dimensions: W140 D7...

Step csteps
by Sagax Srl

Plywood or upholstered chair with sled base in round chrome, satin chrome or painted steel. Plywood or padded chair avaiable in various versions: - Four wooden legs with alluminium fixing - Four-le...

by Ares Line Spa

With PRIVÈE, the furniture becomes the architecture. Create lounge -based workplaces with the feel of your home comfort. With the enclosed "Canopy" this gives privacy within the office environment...

by Pianca Spa

"Leaning on a central extended timber, its beauty and balance is emphasized by the glassy and transparent surface. It shines on trestle legs, fresh of steel or warm in wood. The design permits a real ...

Clip scli20l
by Sagax Srl

Wood stool with a modern design, fixed height of 50 cm. Clip has got a cylindrical shape. The structure is available in natural oak, dark oak or laquered ash in the colours of white, black or ligh...

Philo e Potus
by VG New Trend

The new poufs by VG were designed for use both indoors and outdoors. Their shape recalls the leaves of the various plants that bear their name, a further reinforcement of the ties VG has always had w...

by Tonin Casa Srl

Stool made by injection technology of polyurethane for the creation of a unique product which may be personalised by choosing the colour most akin to one's fantasy for the padded seating. Calice is ae...

by Linfa Design

Sideboard with 2 coplanar doors. matt white or grey lacquered. Doors with inserts in solid oak or American walnut in different finishings. Steel base in matt white or grey lacquered as the sideboard....

Belle Epoque v...
by Dal Segno Design Srl

New Vintage colors for the chair Belle Epoque. Single mould polycarbonate chair. A new reading of a great classic. This chair embodies heritage of a spirit, high technology, functionality and design...

by Trabaldo Srl

Chair with chromed, satin chromed or silver metal frame and upholstered with fabric, soft-leather or similar leather or covered with thick leather, or crocodile printed leather. Available with soft-le...

Mondrian comp....
by Pezzani Home Collection

Modular bookcase with a linear design. This innovative modular bookcase is made of two basic units, both realised with two symmetrical interlocking pieces and a coloured back piece in the middle of...

Inquadro H106 ...
by Luxy Spa

The collection is available tables with columns to 360 mm h usable with lounge chairs or sofas, h to 690 mm for restaurants, cafeterias and clichés usually h and 1020 mm for cafes and meeting places ...

Lady&Sir Funk
by Estel Group Srl

Armchair available in two sizes particularly suited to being arranged in rows of three or more. The bearing frame is made of poplar and beech wood. The frame and seats are padded with fire-retardant p...

Farnsworth A
by Former Industria per l'arredamento

The Farnsworth House is one of Architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's more significant works. He created The Farnsworth House in 1951 and it is still considered as being one of the most famous examples ...

by Linfa Design

Coffee table with solid oak or american walnut frame. Available mat lacquared. Table top in tempered glass (mm 8) according to our glass collection. Dimensions: W130 D60 H25 cm Design: Marco ...

by Linfa Design

Chair with structure in wood, curved wood seat and back light. Available with cushion. Design: Luigi Ronzoni

by Sala Attilio

Refined and elegant, 4-door vertical sideboard. Lacquered structure, two drawers with precious handmade multi-essence cover. Elegant Glossy Steel inserts and supports complete the item. Dimensions: ...

ATHENA 2.3 PW4...
by Sala Attilio

4-door sideboard, 2 drawers, high-value finishes. Cover: handmade top, doors and drawers. Glossy Steel supports and inserts. Dimensions: H 85 L 230 W 60 cm. Also available in other dimensions.

Together chair
by Gaber Srl

Chairs and tables are characterized by a combination of wood and technopolymer material. Aesthetically, an unusual pairing, because real tour de force. Opposites attract: the classic solid, natural, w...

Cindy Stool
by eforma

Simple shape, rich of details, comfortable and compact, the Cindy collection offers a wide range of seating for contract and home furniture. The chair with or without armrests is available in three ve...

Log spaghetti ...
by Area Declic by Arrmet Group

Convenient and stackable chair suitable for outdoors. Seat and back in coloured PVC interwoven directly onto the varnished frame.

Simple armchai...
by Area Declic by Arrmet Group

Simply functional: one module allows you to compose an infinite sofa and, at the same time, a comfortable armchair, occasionally a rocking chair or equipped with footrests. Upholstered seat in variabl...

Wave chair
by Scab Design

Stackable chair for indoor use with thermoplastic material main body. Available in different versions: sledge frame or 4-leg frame all in chrome steel or with arms. Created in different colours.

Ciak ccia
by Sagax Srl

Chair with shell made of plywood avaiable in different finishes. Chair with painted steel structure. Dimensions W54 H86 D55 Hs45 Design: Lombardi Mannini

Sipario closet
by Pianca Spa

Unique and versatile combinations of modular walk-in closets; an expression of a free and dynamic lifestyle. The various types of aesthetic finishes of the frame are prestigious and elegant. Compartme...

Twist S TS
by Midj Srl

Chair with tubular steel frame, available with chrome finish or lacquered finish. Padded seat upholstered in leather, soft eco-leather or fabric. Design by Studio tecnico MIDJ Dimensions: H82 W56...

Contatto comp....
by Estel Group Srl

“Contatto” (contact) is a family of light and functional compositions for the living and sleeping areas of your home. Like a painting the compositions are hung on the wall emphasising the essential n...

by Estel Group Srl

A small autonomous light mechanism and a reflective surface and support. a small living room, entrance or bedroom table equipped with a lamp, with direct or indirect light. The surface becomes a natur...

by Tonin Casa Srl

Chair manufactured in cold foamed polyurethane, entirely covered in leather, eco-leather or fabric. Lisetta chair has been thought for those who search a new design, with soft and visible lines, also...

It's A Girl/t
by Chairs & More Srl

Chair with rigid polyurethane shell and round swivel metal base. "It's a Girl" is a collection of seats designed by Dario Delpin for Chairs&More. The shell is made of rigid polyurethane using the best...

a105 kappa
by Ponti Terenghi - X.AbitaRe

Pc desk / console. Metal enamelled structure with colored glass top. Vertical coloured plex panel that you can remove. Its function is to cover electrical outlets and wifi modem. Optional glazed antip...

Zeta SE03
by Pezzani Home Collection

Practical and functional this folding chair has got varnished steel straucture. Seat and backrest are made of polypropylene in the same colour of the structure's colour. White, green, blue, red,...

by Sala Attilio

Elliptical table, a real piece of art. Highly precious structure with manually arranged and turned wood parts, patent-covered design. Every item is a unique piece. Extra-thick crystal top. Dimension...

by Chairs & More Srl

Modern small armchair with metal legs. A range of chairs and armchairs with a sinuous and Betibù collection is a versatile range of seating providing a cheerful and original accent both at home and in...

by Area Declic by Arrmet Group

It is a group of three different-height soft seats, made of Poly-plus, an innovative material that makes it suitable for outdoor use too, that's designed to meet every need of sitting in urban areas, ...

by Tonin Casa Srl

Bookcase for living and sleeping area. Structure in lacquered metal planchet; shelves in tempered glass. Finishing for structure available: matt white, matt black. Finishing for shelves available: ...

Tuga ctugcrl
by Sagax Srl

This unique chair with round triangular-shape backrest ending in a round seat with slight flexion decorates with style every modern environment. The tubular steel frame is presented in chromed, sat...

by Tonin Casa Srl

Glass top table for living area. Extendible table with aluminum guide track, or fixed table with aluminum spacers. Base in Baydur® (polyurethane resin); extendible guide track in shiny or anodized al...

Mixx sled
by Area Declic by Arrmet Group

It's a comfortable and versatile small armchair characterized by a seat made up of three elements. Each one can be upholstered with different-colour or with only-one-colour fabric: it's a customer's c...

Leonardo 0/400
by Pezzani Home Collection

Extensible console-table in laminate available in various finishes. Elegant space-saving console transformable in a large dining table.

Dune armchair
by Estel Group Srl

Fixed and swivel armchairs with a highly distinctive design featuring a special insert between the backrest and seat which graphically divides the cushions into two, especially if upholstered in cont...

Keel cke4gw
by Sagax Srl

Chair with 4 legs wood base. Chair with a plywood shell upholstered in fabric. The armchair KEEL is characterized by a comfortable and enveloping design. Thanks to different types of base it can be...

Turn TV02
by Pezzani Home Collection

TV stand in metal with glass shelves. TV stand for flat screens.

Colorfive cod....
by Gaber Srl

With bright colours and crayon, chromatic gradations of the grey one, of the green and of the brown one express the colours of the nature. A choice that emits the pure character of the environment. A ...

by Barel Srl

Table in forged solid iron blade with extra-clear tempered cristal shelf. Rectangular version, here presented in “ruggina naturale” finish. High circular version, here presented in “laccato antracit...

Belle Epoque t...
by Dal Segno Design Srl

Elegant and eye-catching rectangular table, characterized by classic shapes drawn by the light. Legs in polycarbonate and structure in plexiglass. Tempered glass top 180x90cm, thickness 10mm. Also ...

by Tonin Casa Srl

Freestanding bookcase in lacquered mdf with extra clear glass shelves. Onde is an object of design extremely versatile with structure in modules which may be arranged both vertically and horizontally ...

Due comp. 06
by Pezzani Home Collection

Composition for entrance hall is made up of a 2 drawers chest and mirror. The rectangular mirror has got an elegant frame in shaped glass. Tempered glass shelf has got two aluminium supports. The e...

by Midj Srl

Table with glass top for living room. Table with plastic base. Ellittical tempered painted white or black glass top with flowers. design by Paolo Vernier Dimensions: W200 D100 H76 cm

Spazio Moduli ...
by Pianca Spa

Exclusive sliding door systems expand space without occupying depth. Front panels that slide throughout the width for immediate accessibility (Vision version). Cutting-edge coplanar system, in which t...

by Dal Segno Design Srl

Rod wire chair. Shell made with three wires welded together, forming a three dimensional shape, unique for design and technique, Supplied with black cushion. Dimensioni: H81 Hs47 L53 P56 cm

Roll acrobq
by Sagax Srl

Roll, padded armachair with steel frame, squared base with swivel column, padded seat. Padded armchair available with polished chrome, satin chrome or painted fixed swivel square base and fixed swi...

Darika Chair
by eforma

The collection includes a chair, an armchair and a stool characterized by a wooden structure. Darika appears as a balanced, classic and contemporary object at the same time in which the shaped element...

Dorsoduro armc...
by Varaschin Spa

Armchair with heat-treated brushed solid ash wood frame with a matt finish. Also available in Black or Wengé finishes. Seat and backrest in non-deforming polyurethane with removable covers. Cushion in...

by eXde by Cattaneo

Minimal armchair with metal sled base. Fabric available in some colours. Also available with central column base. design Elia Nedkov Dimensions: H80 D60 W60 cm

by Ca.stil

Stacking armchair, with steel tube structure, painted or chromate. Polyurethane bi-color body. Dimensions: H80 W54 D60 cm

by Tonin Casa Srl

Ricciolo is the true revolution in design: a chaise longue that becomes an armchair, thanks to a special patented mechanism. An accessory with sinuous shaping, an expression of care and true love for ...

Mask I
by Midj Srl

Padded relax chair with tubular steel frame, available with chrome finish or lacquered double-layer aluminium finish. Padded seat upholstered in hide or regenerated hide, in leather, soft eco-leather ...

P11 Design
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