The kitchen is more than a room in the current days as it has eventually become the center of the home living, so a lot of emphasis is given to the kitchen furnishing to be the warmest and most functional environment in the lines of your taste. Modern kitchens are supplied with all kinds of devices to help in the food preparation and storing, and in the arrangement of tools, cutlery and pottery. Baskets, organized drawers and tall units to store or joint the appliances together are common to all kitchen styles and constructions. With the progress of technology and domotics, the kitchens are often remotely programmable by phone, by mobile, by computer. In general, the materials used to build a kitchen are the most diffused in the furniture manufacturing: solid wood or wooden conglomerate panels, covered with wood veneers, laminate, glossy or matte lacquers, metal and glass for details, doors, kitchen worktops and displays.

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