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Kitchens Modern design
You are in the Modern design kitchens section. Here you can find elegantly designed classy kitchens, modular kitchens, kitchen units, hi-tech kitchens, produced by the best manufacturers to suit the most exigent kitchen needs.
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Cherry collect...
by Arnaboldi Interiors Srl

Furnishing for residential hotel or two-roomed flat with hideable built-in kitchen unit. The composition also includes wall mirror, wardrobe, suitcase stand, writing desk with minibar cabinet, coat ha...

Bring 1
by Stosa Spa

Composition with white yellow pine bases and shutters, columns with kino moro yellow pine shutters, cantilevers with glass shutters and kino moro yellow pine frame. glossy plum columns and dogeate plu...

Trealcubo comp...
by Trealcubo by Massimo Trezzi Forniture

Modular storing system also suitable for kitchen furnishing. Storing system to decorate the residential spaces. Modular boxes, essential in the forms, are created on the square and rectangle geometrie...

Area 2
by Stosa Spa

Composition with natural colours. Wood structure and shutters availables in: grey veneered durmast; cream, white, aluminium grey, moka, black, orange, red, green and light blue glossy lacquered. Glass...

Life 2
by Stosa Spa

Modern composition with santiago nut veneered bases, columns and cantilevers with whitethorn veneered shutters. Veneered shutters availables in 3 new wood finishes: ground durmast, santiago walnut and...

Osaka 2
by Stosa Spa

Composition with peninsula, with laminated durmast bases, hangings with aluminium frame shutters. This kitchen is suited for moderns environments.

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