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You are in the Modern design kitchens section. Here you can find elegantly designed classy kitchens, modular kitchens, kitchen units, hi-tech kitchens, produced by the best manufacturers to suit the most exigent kitchen needs.
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by Siloma Srl

The fine finishes and the natural material create balance between the contemporary and the original materials. In the kitchen the cupboard has both white smooth doors and rough wooden panels, that rem...

by Siloma Srl

A minimal style equipped with original details, such as Darling handles, that seems to move in the space. The apparent simplicity of the single elements draws an effect of elegance, it’s also in the f...

by Siloma Srl

The kitchen room has weighty volumes, soft and harmonic colors, natural materials, shapes that suggest memories, scents carry away thoughts towards Zen. Base units in OLD KING, lacquered BEIGE 1019, ...

by Siloma Srl

Settling down in the kitchen room, you can feel the scent of the furniture’s retro style, with brilliant colours that become brisker close to the neutral tints of the fittings. Modern and geometric vo...

by Siloma Srl

The kitchen ONE_K01 is a contemporary classic. It’s in step with the times, with modern forms and functions, but at the same time provides clear and harmonious references to tradition. The wood is t...

by Siloma Srl

The shake are plain, simple and formal. Vertical lines alternate with horizontal and oblique ones, creating a tidy ensemble. Inside the room, gray and its shades are predominant, both light and dark, ...

by Siloma Srl

The horizontal lines clash with the vertical ones, creating geometrical and unexpected gaps. The furniture seems to move because it is positions on different levels, some pieces are lifted from the fl...

Cherry collect...
by Arnaboldi Interiors Srl

Furnishing for residential hotel or two-roomed flat with hideable built-in kitchen unit. The composition also includes wall mirror, wardrobe, suitcase stand, writing desk with minibar cabinet, coat ha...

by Siloma Srl

The kitchen consists of smooth and uniform surfaces, of functional verticalizations and organized joints. There are also unique details, such as the Prisma handles that seem to twist, and as the orang...

by Siloma Srl

The space’s harmony does not prevent to create a feeling of dynamism and movement, from the twine of vertical and horizontal line. He smooth and perfect surfaces stimulate curiosity, creativity and at...

by Laboratorio Mattoni

Kitchen with integrated system for cooking and outdoor storage with sliding mechanism and lifting and electrically operated. Structure in stainless steel sheets thickness 2mm., sliding ...

by Siloma Srl

It could be seen as a new minimalism, in which materials and colors are the real protagonist. The volumes are elegant, essential, sober. Also the tints of the furniture are sober and neat. Absolutely ...

by Siloma Srl

The stovetop is the protagonist of the room, with its steel elements that are detached from the white marble of Carrara, presenting itself as the dominant element, from which extends a stone peninsula...

Trealcubo comp...
by Trealcubo by Massimo Trezzi Forniture

Modular storing system also suitable for kitchen furnishing. Storing system to decorate the residential spaces. Modular boxes, essential in the forms, are created on the square and rectangle geometrie...

by Laboratorio Mattoni

Integrated system for cooking and outdoor storage with electric action tv sliding and rotation mechanism. Structure in stainless steel thickness 2mm., sliding guides of the complete extraction tray ...

by Siloma Srl

The space is well organized and the yellow colour of the shelves instill a charge of positive energy. The modern details, such as the Shard handles, and the technologic components, blend together ...

by Siloma Srl

The linearity of this kitchen has a particular order in his furniture: from the stove in finish white lacquer with a black marble floor, you go to the sink. Suddenly the bases’floor is lowered and abo...

by Siloma Srl

Sober and minimalist, elegant and fascinating, this is the style of the kitchen ONE_K03. The protagonist of the room is the kitchen island, built in elm wood and with a white marble floor: this is el...

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