Pegaso comp.2

by Alea Srl

Modular system for office furniture

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Collection: Operatives

Accordingly to the Greek mythology, Pegaso was the famous winged horse created from Medusa the Gorgon. Pegaso became hero Perseus’ horse and helped him to defeat the Chimera. At the end of his adventures, Pegaso was turned by Zeus into a constellation named “Pegaso”.
The image of the winged horse and the constellation evoke lightness and brightness: the features we rediscover in the Pegaso series.
Pegaso, with its graceful and clear-cut design, is a high tech system for stylish and functional office solutions. The series comes with a robust and well integrated structure made of electro-welded and varnished tubular metal legs with rectangular cross-section, joined by tubular metal bars. In addition to its structural function, the leg has also been designed to house a considerable number of cables through a removable pop out insert.
The thickness of the desktop is 18 mm (11/16”). They come in melamine Ribbed White, Ribbed Grey, Light Oak and Dark Oak.
The same finishes are available for the complementary storage units. Screens as well came with different colours adding finishes to the series.
An alternative to storage units with hinged doors, is the storage series with sliding doors (Dedalo collection), very suitable for work environments with limited space. In addition to the aesthetics and style, Pegaso has been designed to be a multi functional series and fit a large variety of solutions: from the basic freestanding desk to L shape desk, U shape desk, cluster of stations side to side or/and front to back to conference tables. Pegaso provides an easy and quick connection to the electrical power supply and IT network.
Pegaso conference tables, available in a variety of shapes and sizes, can be accessorizes with powered flip tops for laptops and table lamps connections. When combined with Dedalo storage units with sliding doors Pegaso becomes even more elegant and functional. Its furnishing elements add design to the workplace. Their versatile features also suit the operating and aesthetic requirements of the work environment they furnish.