Above-ground pool Bestway 56451 round power steel 488x122cm - 56451

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Large above ground pool

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Bestway 56451 power steel frame round frame made of a sturdy steel structure perfect for cooling off the hot summer days, ideal for adults and children designed for easy installation including sand filter, safety ladder and base and cover sheets.

Bestway 56451 is the round above ground pool made of a structure formed by extra-resistant walls made of 3 layers of separate materials, the first inner layer of polyester mesh is industrially welded to the two exteriors made of two thick layers of PVC (of a thickness which ranges from 0.4 to 0.4 mm) and a part of polyester, in addition the internal liner of the pool is supported by an anti-rust galvanized steel frame.
All Bestway pools, including model 56451, are strictly controlled by our specialized technicians also during shipping, to ensure a high quality product and to eliminate any type of post-sale problem and allow the customer to enjoy the magnificent right from the start benefits that the Bestway 56451 pool can give you in terms of relaxation and fun.

The Bestway 56451 above ground swimming pool is the ideal solution for those looking for summer refreshment with the best value for money in the medium-sized swimming pool section.
The installation of the above ground pool is estimated in about 30 minutes in 2/3 people, excluding the preparation of the soil and the filling, the only precaution, realizing the assembly, is the need to mount the product on a flat surface to avoid efforts on one side once assembled.

Useful arrangements:

Before using the pool, you need to perform an operation called "shock treatment" which is optimized in one simple step: uniformly distributing chlorine in powder at immediate release on the surface of the water, measuring it in about 15/20 grams per cubic meter, after which the pool will be ready for use.
After a few days of use it is good to add the anti-algae liquid, this type of treatment will prevent the bottom and the walls become slippery, thus maintaining a correct clarity of the water.
To maintain a clean and clear water level it is advisable to perform the water values test every 2 or 3 days, the average pH must always be in this range between 7.2 and 7.6 if there are any deviating values there are corrective products.

Technical features above ground pool Bestway 56451:

Dimensions: 4.88m x 1.22cm power steel
Structure: ultra-light anti-rust tubular steel
Capacity: 19.480L / 5.145gal
Integrated swimming pool capacity (system capacity): 3,794 L / h (1,050 gal./h)
The installation can generally be done by 2-3 people and takes about 30 minutes, excluding the preparation and filling of the ground
Included accessories: Filter pump, safety ladder, pool cover, basic cloth mat, repair patch