RED ANGUS stainless steel Gas grill BBQ 4+1 burners and barbecue grill - BB9204GEUN

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Professional stainless steel barbecue

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Our RED ANGUS gas grill is the perfect bond of hygienic and healthy cooking, ease of use and respect for the natural flavours of ingredients. Cooking, barbecuing or roasting fish, meat, vegetables or vegetarian burgers outdoors, whether in your garden, by the pool, on your terrace or balcony, will be a great pleasure for you with the help of this highly professional gas grill, fitted with 4+1 burners and a barbecue grill. Entirely made of stainless steel and metal, which are highly resistant to humidity, wear, corrosion and bad weather, Mr. Tuzza's RED ANGUS gas grill BBQ will provide you with a professional and fully equipped product at an unbeatable price, to cook your favourite meals together with your friends or relatives.

RED ANGUS has 4 main gas burners and 1 side food warmer (3.2 kW each), which provide sufficient heat for cooking any food quickly and efficiently, without affecting the flavour. The 5 stainless steel oversized knobs provide a better and safer grip for users, who want to adjust the gas grill settings manually. Moreover, this amazing BBQ is equipped with a solid cover with a built-in thermometer so that you can control the cooking temperature constantly, as well as a large and ergonomic handle. Finally, its wide stainless steel grills will allow you to grill large portions of meat, fish or veggies to feed hungry mouths too.

Thanks to its structure and cooking areas made of high-quality stainless steel and metal, you will clean this barbecue up very quickly. Stainless steel is one of the most hygienic industrial materials, it does not alter the flavours of natural food and does not promote bacterial growth. The barbecue grills and burners can be easily washed in the dishwasher. Fat leftovers can be easily removed with a humid cloth.

With Mr. Tuzza's RED ANGUS gas grill BBQ, your outdoor kitchen will be ready in few minutes: at full throttle!

Technical Characteristics RED ANGUS BBQ:

4 main burners + 1 side burner, food warmer
Included accessories of a commercial value of € 29,95: Two headed fork, Pliers and Spatula
Product size: 136x53x105.5 cm
Cooking area: 66×40 cm - Height: 85.5 cm
CTN size (2 parcels): 74.5x57.5x45 cm, 76x50x17.5 cm
Total rated heat output of 4 main burners: 3.2 kW
Rated heat output of side burner: 3.2 kW
Material: stainless steel, metal and wood
Built-in thermometer for temperature control during cooking process
Electronic ignition
Practical and handy design
Removable grease tray
Grill cabinet adds enclosed storage space for all your essential grilling tools and accessories
2 side shelves (1 each side) to place kitchen tools and dishes
4-large wheels make moving the grill easy
Powerful grilling engine
Available colours: black
Regulator + PVC hose not included
Brand: Mr. Tuzza