My time comp.07


Bathroom cabinet with two ceramic washbasins

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Collection: Modern

Bathroom composition with Olmo Nocciola base units and tops with ceramic basin, Olmo Nocciola Wall units, Matt white lacquered open units.

Our objective is to move away from the simple concept of furniture. Our challenge is to reach a higher level of furnishing culture that focuses on comfort and emotions.

Find harmony in an environment that releases new energy, in a space that communicates through a distinctly modern language. Essence meets colour in the My Time bathroom furniture collection. The design inspires new bathroom ideas, distancing itself from traditional concepts and playing instead with comfort and emotion. Shapes, material and colours of the bathroom cabinets are bound in an everlasting relationship, creating a modern but informal atmosphere. My Time is a collection suitable for those who prefer a contemporary style and love contrasts: warm materials create an intimate atmosphere, while the colours bestow a more playful feeling. Personalisation meets every taste: from bathroom accessories to installation, everyone can find his perfect match, for a room that’s both trendy and personal.

W 250 x D 50 cm