Modular bookcase in metal

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The freedom to combine the elements of this bookcase makes it possible to create extremely versatile compositions, with multiple uses.

Doda is synonymous with a reality in a constant state of becoming, where spaces change and transform, where an on going exchange takes place between the dimensions, between inside and outside, between solids and voids.

Adaptable to the place, open to renovations and flexible in its uses, the Doda stackable modular bookcase encapsulates the essence of the traveller.

Its is a hymn to freedom, the deep desire to blend interiority and exteriority, openness to change, the pleasure of bring new and personal creations to life everyday.

Technical Data:
l.44 x p.30 x h.74 cm r.113 cm
l.44 x p.30 x h.107 cm r.113 cm
l.44 x p.30 x h.140 cm r.113 cm
l.44 x p.30 x h.173 cm r.113 cm