Zero FS3410170

by Morelato Srl

Bookcase with glass doors

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Proposal for Zero composition consists of 1 cherry wood base element with 3 drawers, 3 cabinet elements with glass hinged doors.

The Zero modular system offers furnishing solutions not only for home spaces but also for offices. Placed together, hanging, horizontal or vertical, with doors or drawers to choose from a wide range of colors and patterns, the Zero modules are made for the creativity of those who seek innovative, elegant, functional furniture solutions. The elements, finished on all sides, lend themselves to any type of composition. The artisan care of the single modules are clear to the eye and to the touch. Made of plywood and solid cherry hardboard, the Zero combines the flexibility of the module with the quality of the material, for transformable and everlasting furnishings.

L 206 P 53 H 250