Study benches with folding seat

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Collection: EDUCATION

Innovative structure
Study bench system characterized by a cutting-edge structural concept: it is composed by 1 cm thick extruded aluminium panels fitted together by means of joints.

The very reduced thickness of the components, together with the extreme precision and simplicity of the geometry, contribute to create the illusion of two-dimensional shapes.

Space optimisation
The system offers the possibility of diminishing, up to 6 cm., the centre-to-centre distance among the rows in order to add another row every 15 in the same space or to obtain more comfort for the peopleís passage.

Hidden technology
Blade creates a study and work space where the technology, even if present, is never invasive, but concealed.

Raised platform
The benches are integrated with the metal reticular structure of the platform below by means of a special fixing joint hidden from view.
Light, flexible and simple to assemble, the modular terraced steps is completed by an examinable flooring with a surface finish coating. The terraced steps can be arranged to incorporate air-conditioning systems and vents for the service light.

Tops coated with scratch-proof HPL. Workstations are set up for the electricity grid wiring, accessible through special aluminium tip-up panels provided with hidden data lines and sockets.

The seat and the backrest are covered with ergonomic paddings in integral polyurethane Class 1 of different colours. Seat with extruded aluminium structural support, provided with a tip-up mechanism with shock absorption return.

Teacherís Desk
Teacherís desk with the same technical, design and aesthetic features of the system, created on request according to the specific needs.

Provision for electric power supply and data cables (socket on demand).
Direct floor fixing feet.