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INFO ABOUT Altavilla

Remo Niccolai and Gianfranco Giusti start their production of sofas and armchairs in fabric or leather, distinguishing themselves for their professional seriousness and commercial correctness. The perfect harmony between ancient and modern, tradition and innovation, has been one of the keys to the success of the company, which has been able to merge the ancient culture of masters upholsterers with current research and design techniques. Particular attention to the respect of environmental standards, to the rights and duties of its employees, to the choice of the characteristics of the raw materials used in the processing, were the ingredients from which an entirely Italian product was born. Today the company is managed by the sons of the founders, who continue the path already traced by their parents. The construction techniques have evolved in respect of tradition, giving the sofas and armchairs, the same characteristics of solidity and comfort typical of our products and adapting to the new and current needs that the market requires.

In the 60s, in an Italy in great ferment and with encouraging development prospects, Remo Nicolai and Gianfranco Giusti combine their skills to create a company producing sofas and armchairs in fabric and leather, with a clear concept in mind: respect. Respect for the Italian furniture tradition, for the quality of raw materials, for environmental standards. And above all respect for people. Today, the company is managed by the sons of the two founders, with advanced criteria, advanced techniques and methodologies adapted to the new needs of the market. But respecting what their fathers have put at the base of their work.

The production takes place all within the company, and guarantees not only the precision and accuracy of each individual production, but also the total control of the supply chain, of the materials, of the assemblies. The production cycle takes place in different phases and each phase is performed by specialized and highly qualified personnel, with craftsmanship expertise supported by advanced industrial procedures; from carpentry to painting and the application of the various leaves, to the upholstery, up to the upholstery that enhances each product through particular processes, such as the capitonnč up to the application of cords and trimmings. At the end the product is carefully checked; only if passed this check can go to the shipment.

There is a quality that the whole world recognizes to Italy: a unique and unrepeatable aesthetic wisdom, which in the furniture sector develops in creations with an always original design and a great personality. Altavilla is, since its inception, a faithful interpreter of this design, which is made both of great style and of continuous renewal in tradition, to follow the needs of changing international markets. Therefore, in the company, armchairs and sofas are created, designed and created, always attentive to comfort and robustness, but also with the distinctive characteristic of Made in Italy.