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Z.A. Geromina 19
33077 Sacile (Pordenone)
  +39 0434 786139
  +39 0434 786137
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Passion for design, experience in the commercial and productive field together with wish for a challenge are the main ingredients that three businessmen have decided to combine to create the brand Edoné. The company located in Sacile, on the surrounding of Pordenone, belongs to the “Furniture district ASDI” in Friuli Venezia Giulia, an area where it is located one of the most important industrial con?uence for furniture and wood production of Italy.
The big range of Edoné products is composed by bathroom furniture, washbasin units, washbasins, bath tubes, shower trays, sanitary wares, accessories, covering and lightings: aesthetic and functionality mixed together to develop a new way to design the bathroom where attention to detail as well as research and use of the best materials go at the same pace.
The main features of Edoné are the modular designing which allows the maximum of customization, the quality of Made in Italy products which grant handcrafted production, durability and respect for human being and environment. This last element, respect for environment, is realized through an innovative global quality system for all the painting cycles, with total absence of chemical solvents employing recyclable materials for the realization of its products.
Handmade production is one of the added values of Edoné, synonymous of Italian excellence, creativity and tradition.
Collections of Design+ line represent the highest expression of Edoné design, and are real places, equipped with any detail: from basins to bath tubes, from covering to lighting. All the collections are conceived as highly modular, in order to offer tailored solutions.