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Via Enrico De Nicola 11
31058 Susegana (Treviso)
  +39 0438 435151
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Caloi by Eredi Caloi Srl
INFO ABOUT Caloi by Eredi Caloi Srl

The Eredi Caloi Srl company, founded in 1922, is a leading manufacturer in the collectivity furniture. Our production develops in two main areas:
- Furniture for churches and religious buildings;
- Furniture for cinemas, theatres, congress halls, universities and schools.
The company, reaching by now the third generation, is located in an area of 30.000 square meters and all its production is carried out within this area. All manufacturing processes develop through the help of the most advanced technology.
The Techincal & Project Dept. is equipped with AUTOCAD systems for planning and can develop new interesting items thanks also to a 70-year experience in the field. The extensive range of products covers all the needing of our customers and grants durability and strength which are the main characteristics of all our production.