Love Chair

by Ghidini 1961

Chair with heart-shaped back

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Collection: Seating

Love is all around. Clench yours tight, hold it close, and bestow on it the shiny perch it so wishes it deserved.
Love Chair for Ghidini 1961 provides a sumptuously soft landing for the love you¹ve decided to start domesticating.
Seated on a pale soft cushion and subtly yet firmly supported by the airy twists of the brass heart backrest your love has just enough room to stay right where it is.
Thus installed it stays beautiful and liberating, and offers you the love-keeper a golden grip on it ¬ to bind it, chain it, or lock it up and silently hope it never breaks free.
The ultimate beauty of the Love Chair lies in multiplicity. Because love, seated or otherwise, is rarely solitary and singular.

Design Nika Zupanc