Marquetry with architectural view in perpsective

by Buttinoni Intarsi

Inlay cleverly created by matching noble wood essences

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Collection: Luxury Lab

Thanks to this product that boasts the best artisanship, Luxury Lab offers a new way of giving shape to emotions, a new challenge guided by highly refined research and exquisite manufacturing. Luxury Lab offers a large marquetry where the precious essences used and the expert alternating of volumes and chiaroscuro bring back to a strong and sincere artisan identity. The architectural view resembles a theatrical setting just as the curtain rises: our gaze is locked with the vanishing points, it chases perspectives, it discovers niches, it lingers in the shadows – all this brings back to mind the whims that filled the XXVII century canvases, the architectures of transience, the monumental compositions that were the protagonists of landscape painting.

The central part gives way to its neighbour and then to the one before and the rows of trees appear calmly and rationally chasing each other, encompassing the constructive logic of a building that still bears witness to classical antiquity, with the signs of the passing of time engraved in its walls. The staircases chase one another slipping between the shiny marbles, at times hiding in the shadows of a column and other times behind its volume that interweaves with the vaults and the bright dome. The sun leans forwards, it shows itself between the crevices of the ceilings generously giving itself to the mother-of-pearl set in the glass of the lanterns, fragments of light, timid reflections and iridescence in a large tonal score. The colours blend and merge in harmony with never ending possibilities.

The inlay replaces the palette made of tempera and oil, it uses the many nuance offered by the natural essences, it plays with the unexpected grain of the woods, it takes possession of the colours of calibrated juxtapositions of precious briar wood, it skims the outcome of the paintings and it competes with the brush strokes on the canvases, giving back a well-balanced composition, “a peaceful architecture”. No man curiously wanders along the corridors in the shade of the majestic vaults; only silence rules in this deserted place, that sits, waiting patiently for you, its first visitor.

Dimensions: 190 x 65 cm