Comp. 205

by Doimo Cityline Srl

Personalized children's bedroom, rationalization of the areas

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Collection: Bridge bedroom

These proposals for furnishing children bedrooms with corner solutions are smart bridge "space saving" that brilliantly solve the space problem. All functions for the needs of two children together in a set of impressive, with lots of space available for study, rest, play and socialization. Functional areas are designed with great professionalism considering the needs of a diverse audience and "cross" from the solutions for children to maturity and beyond. The study areas are set up with rational elements and a whole collection of chairs and armchairs to support.

1 - QIK
The Qik modular storage units programme permits concrete and easy-to-interpret planning. Thanks to the Qik system elements, specialised storage solutions can be achieved: linear bridges, corners, corner closets and Kubo walk-in closets, as well as a broad-modularity closet programme. The main characteristics of the Qik line are: Heights up to 296 cm and widths up to 120 cm. Structures made in all sample range faced colours. Swing fronts available in faced finish with straight or postformed edge or in smooth or textured lacquered finishes with straight edge only. 2.5 cm thick standard shelves. Back panels with colours coordinated with structure in standard colours. Interiors personalised as required with specialised fittings and LED light with sensor, pull-down coat-hanger unit and interior drawer units. Handles coordinated in terms of appearance and finishes, available in fashion colours. 4 cm base and upper top can be personalised in all faced and lacquered colours: a strong sign of quality and design.

The equipped bed system is ideal for anyone wanting two beds, but which take up very little room during the day. In fact, when it is time to play or study, the floor bed disappears under the other one, reducing occupied space to just 90 cm. Pull-out bed on floor with castors integrated in 4 cm thickness with easy-to-reach lock and release mechanism. All the Doimo Cityline beds feature orthopaedic bases with wooden slats. For the upper beds a tip-up protection is available for easier bed making. This protection features a practical safety mechanism to prevent accidental opening. 4cm thickness for all bed structural parts, Doimo Cityline's main characteristic. The low bed is fitted with 2 large storage drawers, 60 cm deep and 32 cm high. The equipped beds are available in many configurations by inserting beds and bed surrounds of different types.

Storage unit at rear of bed with slow-closing flap door - utmost storage in minimum space. End bookcase with shaped shelves, available in all sample-range structure faced and lacquered colours. 4 cm thickness shaped writing desk, also available to personalised drawing. Coccole armchair in expanded polyurethane, finished in anallergic fabric, with removable covers.

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