Comp. 303

by Doimo Cityline Srl

Colored bedroom, bed patented without floor guides

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Collection: Bunk bed

The Luna sliding bunk bed is patented®. No need to fit bottom runners. When closed, the depth is 90 cm, when open 135 cm. The castors with brake are integrated thanks to the 4 cm thickness of the structure. The lock and release mechanism is easy to reach. All the Doimo Cityline beds feature orthopaedic bases with wooden slats. Optional tip-up protection for easier bed making equipped with safety mechanism to prevent accidental opening. The 4 cm thickness of all the structural parts of the beds is a Doimo Cityline distinguishing feature. Side ladder available in various models with two or three steps, storage units or open-front compartments; its width can be reduced as required. The sliding Luna bunk bed® is available in various configurations by inserting beds, pull-out bed surrounds and writing desk available as required. The safety mechanism and handrail can be of white colour or aluminium, upon request. Kubo closet 90 cm depth, made in six width versions to cater to all size requirements. Up to 5 cubic metre storage space: the same storage capacity of a sliding three-door closet in a very compact space. Swing fronts available with straight or postformed edge. Shelf distribution and number inside the closet can be personalised as required. The closets can be equipped as required with a variety of optional accessories to meet your needs, including the LED light with sensor and the drawer units. The Kubo closet structure is available in all sample-range faced colours. The pull-out writing desk has an overall thickness of 4 cm and is equipped with a supporting metal bar to last in time. The Easy equipped bed is equipped with two 60cm depth drawers, ideal for storing everything which has to be kept handy. The composition is available even in lacquered version with water paints. Any lacquering is done in compliance with EN 71.3 standard; this is the upshot of a commitment in favour of the environment, but also of close focus on the quality of life and health of the child.