Comp. New 157

by Doimo Cityline Srl

Corner bedroom that maximize the space, with two beds and desk

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Collection: Bunk bed

Plenty of space to study, play, sleep and receive your friends... in a small space.

Original proposal that maximizes available space on the walls. You can access the upper bed through River metal ladder. The structure includes a back to protect the wall with the shelf of thickness 3.8 cm, to which it is possible to put the bed in a horizontal or vertical sense on the ground.

On the photo you can find an Astor bed with Baldo legs h 8 cm, which can be changed with other feet from Doimo Cityline collections concerning desired height and shape selected from the wide range of proposals for legs and wheels of the collection Doimo Cityline. This "tatami" type of bed can turn into a comfortable sofa for your guests or into a traditional bed, simply by replacing the current feet with wheels or feet of different height.

The composition is completed with a wall two-color shaped panel and with the original Jerry desk that is note shaped with Thube leg, Link pouf and Olivia hanger in color titanio with Saturno handles in color oceano for the big size, in colors bianco and corallo for medium size.

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