Comp. New 141

by Doimo Cityline Srl

Space saving kid bedroom, with built-in bridge wardrobe, upholstered bed and desk bookcase

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Collection: Bridge bedroom

More space to play, study, sleep, store and place.
The complete room covers less than three and half meters. Itís an original solution that plays with contrasts of storage spaces and of colors, matching the rigors of the elements to the softness of the shapes concerning the upholstered bed Amadeus: it has a comfortable and large headboard that is available in more than 30 variants of finishes.

Wardrobe with swing doors, bridging unit with 3 suspended units and swing doors, single and padded bed Amadeus, a bedside table Golden dim.60 cm, a modular and double sided bookcase Over, a desk Sax with tube leg, two chairs Magic, two poufs Oslo.

Geometries, colors, respect to spaces and design of forms are the basis of cityline projects. Every need is studied carefully by combining aesthetic and functional necessities to give value to each environment in the best way.

Bedroom composed of the following colors: ambra, tirreno, aloe, orzo, magnolia.

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