Barstool in plywood, covered in leather

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Collection: Limac - Seats

It is an original stool in poplar plywood covered in bonded leather. A proposal LIMAC DESIGN® to complete and give a touch of elegance to your home.

It is with satisfaction and pride that we present the new range of furnishings for the house LIMAC DESIGN® entirely manufactured in Italy by Masters of leather craftsmen. The experience of FIRESTYLE® line (wood holder, accessories for stoves and fireplaces) has allowed us to create a line of furniture composed of laundry containers, reusable boxes, stools and the new line of pet beds for dogs and cats, all products created with passion and originality and are the starting point of this new collection that indisputably affirms the high quality and the unmistakable elegance of the Made in Italy. Made with premium materials, including the bonded leather and painted steel, available in various fashion colors, Articles LIMAC DESIGN® enrich every room of your home.

35 x 35 x 43 cm

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