Regina display cabinet

by Orsitalia Sas

Classic custom showcases

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Collection: Cabinets

REGINA SHOWCASES by ORSITALIA: display cabinet in modern baroque style, squared, produced by Orsitalia both with all glass doors or with glass only in the front door and wood on the sides, equipped with glass shelves. Regina china cabinets for living and dining room, made in Italy, was born from the search of beauty according to the aesthetics of the Baroque style but always keeping an eye on practicality and modernity. Orsitalia produces the REGINA modern baroque display cabinets with 2 doors and 1 doors, low and high, with a square shape at the top and a finely worked base with luxury baroque carvings at the bottom.Orsitalia produces REGINA display wooden cabinets, customized wood finishes and also bi-color and on request with integrated lighting and glass on the back. The Regina china cabinets are produced in wood, in Italy, by the skilled craftsmen of Orsitalia. The REGINA showcases, in French Rococo style, are produced by Orsitalia in three sizes to better meet the stylistic needs of interior decoration.
Low display cabinet 2 doors: L. 128 x D. 47 x H. 150 cm
High diplsy cabinet 2 doors + 1 fix glass door: L. 165 x D. 50 x H. 215 cm
China cabinet 1 door right or left: L. 60 x D. 47 x H. 180 cm