Professional Massage Chair IRest Sl-A389 GALAXY EGG - PM389EGGM

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Massage leather armchair with footrest

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Collection: Armchairs

The Galaxy Egg professional massage chair is a jewel of research in the sector, and combines the best of engineering with all the physiotherapeutic knowledge necessary to make an exceptional product.

Years of industry research have led to the possibility for us to enjoy a professional massage chair programmed into the smallest detail and equipped with all the best findings of technology applied to comfort. A beam of negative oxygen ions surrounds the head while we are in a relaxed position, constantly cleaning the air we breathe, a proven benefit to the immune system.

The massage system is highly complex and sophisticated, and studied based on the knowledge developed over thousands of years by medicine and traditional oriental physiotherapy. 12 points of major pressure are identified, to which all the other secondary ones refer, which are found along our whole body, from the head to the sole of the feet. Galaxy Egg covers all these points with dedicated massaging sensors, including the arms, legs, and even the soles of the feet.

The technological wonders of this product do not end here. advanced placement and balancing systems allow d choose to extreme elevation angles without taking up additional space, and in fact just a few cm to switch to landscape mode, a special feeling that makes it appear to float. The zero gravity mode, then, is calibrated to bring the legs in a higher position relative to the heart, so as to distribute the weight of the body in the best possible way. In doing so the feeling of relaxation and comfort of the massage will be total.

The ergonomic curve taken from the backrest is not simply curved, but designed to trace the LS shape of our spine in an extremely detailed and rigorous manner. In this way the positive effect of the massage tends to be gradually distributed along the rest of the back, for a total massage.

The arm massage takes place with an additional input, in addition to the vibration, of compressed air, consistently with the precepts of traditional massage regarding these particular pressure points. In addition we find highly precise heat diffusers, able to heat, and then relieve the tension, in the key points identified during development. The heat is transmitted via infrared, at a frequency that is collected by the heat of our body, which responds by promoting the metabolism and the proper functioning of the cells.

The massaging "hands" are programmed to move along the path formed by the pressure points, in a precise and calculated way that has nothing to envy compared to the hands of a professional masseur. The mapping of pressure points is certainly very complex, but nothing prevents personalizing the massage as it is best suited to your needs. 28 total airbags, 9 valves, and an air pump allow countless possibilities for massage programs. In automatic we can choose between 6 preset programs:

Relax: for the evening, not too long, to dispose of all the fatigue of the day.

Total: complete massage, which touches every focal point in a scientific way.

Neck and shoulders: particularly suitable for those suffering from cervical, but highly enjoyable by anyone.

Painkiller: melts and warms muscles, inspired by the Gua Sha method of the Eastern tradition.

Back and hips: suitable for everyone, but especially for those who want to reactivate or relax the lower limbs.

Comfortable: for the elderly, total but sweet. particularly relaxing and with benefits also for the skin.

3D audio systems, the ability to customize every little component, from head to toe, and even Bluetooth connectivity are just some of the other cutting edge technological features of this product that is excellent. So much technology and so much wellness at your fingertips are a few opportunities to always have, every day, a personal massage at your disposal.