Fausto Art. FCO-025

by Corte Zari Srl

Sectional sofa, with high quality

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Collection: Sofas

Fausto is a synonymous of joy, happyness, auspicious: these attributes sum up to quality and functionality, typical characteristics of the brand. Its design is effective, the use of proportion new. Fausto gives a simple modularity, able to seduce a motley and wide public loving Tailor Made. The main structure is made in wood and finished with high care in many different variations. The upholstered free cushions made of crushproof differentiated density rubber can be upholstered in fabric, leather or eco-leather. Elegance finally have a ultra technological soul. Wooden supporting platform made of Mdf plated poplar plywood or 10/10 oak veneer, with hand shaped iron legs. Removable cushions made of crushproof differentiated density rubber, with memory foam upper layer to be uphostered with fabric, leather, eco-leather.

cm 360 x 292 x 92 x ?? H;