Orthopedic wooden office chair – PN100LEG

by ProduceShop

Office chair with wheels, orthopedic and ergonomic

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Collection: Office

Our ergonomic and orthopedic wooden chair relieves classical problems deriving from a wrong computer posture. You can say goodbye to back, arm and shoulder pains, because with our chair your posture will be 100% comfortable and correct! In many cases our ergonomic chair is used as a chair for neck and trapezius massage, or by tattoo parlors for back or neck tattoos with the arms of the customer resting on a table.

Technical features:
- Relieves the spine and the neck
- Ideal for any workstation
- Adjustable height
- Foldable and easily transportable
- Quality seam
- Equipped with 4 wheels, which make it easy to move
- Knee support and seta covered in white faux leather
- Extra sturdy treated wood frame
- This chair is recommended because it ensures a correct posture
- Seta height from 56 to 67 CM
- Knee support width 44 CM
- Seat support width 40 CM
- Weight: about 5 kg