Portable Heated Solar Shower For Garden Pool SUNNY

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Portable solar shower

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Sunny Style is a portable solar shower to heat the water outside, in the garden or on the beach.

This portable solar shower is perfect for hot water always available, wherever you are. Practical and easy to transport, it can be placed in the garden or on the beach. Solar energy heating does not consume electricity or gas and therefore allows you to have free hot water always at your fingertips. Once connected to the water supply it allows to heat up to 60 ° in about two hours. In this way, by mixing cold and warm water, the Sunny Style portable shower manages to supply up to 60 liters of water at about 30 °, giving the possibility to carry out numerous showers at a more than pleasant temperature. If you wait a few minutes between a shower and the other, Sunny Style is able to deliver an infinite number of hot showers in a day.

Perfect for the beach, for camping, for the pool and for the garden, the Sunny Style portable shower is suitable for any outdoor environment. Its compact and colorful design makes it non-invasive and functional. The horizontal development base captures the sun's rays better and translates into the most efficient thermal efficiency possible during the day. Ecological and zero-impact, Sunny Style is also environmentally friendly, as it does not consume electricity or fuel. A pressure regulator makes stable consumption and a safe shower.

Technical features:

Model: Sunny Style
Equipped with a mixer of hot and cold water to obtain the desired temperature
Extended base for greater stability and security
Useful height: 200 cm
Inlet pressure regulator with safety valve
Patent pending

Included in the package:

Adjustable shower head
Mixer of hot and cold water, to adjust the desired temperature
Stable and safe base / tank
inlet pressure regulator with safety valve