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Armchair in polyurethane ideal for outdoor environments

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Collection: Chairs

Lolly is comfortable like an upholstered armchair and fiure resistant, washable and waterproof thanks to the innovative material Polyplus: the first coloured polyurethane for outdoor use. Lolly is suitable for conference rooms, living spaces, waiting areas, hotel's bedrooms, bars and commercial spaces. Recommended for outdoor use like gardens, beach bar, balconiesan restaurants.

"Soft and cozy as a nest." So the designers Roberto Foschia and Mara Picco describe the tub chair LOLLY, their latest creation for Area Declic. The name refers to the playful world of childhood, where POP is the name of the table that accompanies the chair.
The shape is fluid, The wide facades open up in the front with a comfortable seat thus creating a double visual impact underlined by the variable thicknesses and by the geometric dÚcoration of that enriches the lateral faces.

Lolly and Pop are a compact, functional and fantastically confortable. The polyurethane skin makes the product soft to touch, waterproof, durable and well-finished. Lolly and Pop are non-toxic, hygienical anf fireproof in compliance with main laws. The core is flexible and not deformable. Lolly Pop collection is especially suitable for the contract market.