Stackable polypropylene chair Sunshine - S6215

by ProduceShop

Stackable chair in polypropylene, certified, for outdoor

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Collection: Chairs

Polypropylene high quality chair for kitchens, homes, living rooms and cafe, available in different colours, to decorate your home or your cafe, both indoor and outdoor. This product also has a certification for professional/public use, for its extreme robustness.

This product is made in Italy, with high-grade material and the result is clear, both visually and structurally. The chairs are stackable, affordable, modern and suitable for homes, cafe, offices and restaurants. Sunshine chair by Grand Soleil is perfect for any cafe or home, both indoor and outdoor. The backrest is slightly curved and is particularly comfortable, since it follows the shape of the back. The plastic material is high-quality polypropylene, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Chairs Technical features:
- Made of polypropylene
- Size: 80 x 48 x 50 cm
- Made in Italy
- Certified for professional/public use
- Complying with EN 15373:2007
- Stackable
- Already assembled
- Weight 3.7 kg