Wall Spotlight Solar Led Light Garden Motion Sensor FLEXIBLE NEW

by ProduceShop

Wall-mounted spotlight with photovoltaic panel

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Collection: Lighting

Solar-powered LED spotlight with external photovoltaic panel, perfect for gardens and porches, motion sensor and high lighting.

The Flexible New solar led spotlight can deliver 1000 lumens of brightness thanks to its 44 super bright LEDs. Being equipped with a powerful 8000mAh lithium battery, it guarantees operation 365 days a year. This solar energy lamp is easy to install, is equipped with a bracket for both the headlight and the solar panel, is fixed to the wall using the plugs provided. The 5 Watt solar panel has a 3.5 m long cable, so you can place it in the sunniest area and install the spotlight even in shaded areas

Operation of solar powered led spotlights Flexible New:

The light is switched off during the day when the battery is charging
The light turns on gradually as night falls (when the light reaches a parameter <10 lux)
The ignition takes place automatically
The light works at reduced brightness (90% of its maximum intensity) until the morning
It comes on at maximum intensity if it detects a presence over 2 meters and until it continues to detect it
Variable Frequency Technology to control and adjust the LED driver frequency to reach the maximum LED output
BatteryTCS (Temperature Control System) to protect the battery charge

Note: the light stays on throughout the night

The light intensity is therefore 900 lumens at night and 1000 lumens at each movement detection.

Technical features solar led led spotlight Flexible New:

LED Color: Cold Light
Luminous flux: 1000 lumens
Solar panel: 5 Watt
Number of LEDs: 44 LEDs
LED power: 7 watts
Material: Aluminum
Crepuscular sensor: YES
Presence sensor: Yes
Sensor detection range: 2 Mt 120 °
Degree of protection: IP65
Working temperature: from -25 ° C to 65 ° C
Battery life 4-5 years
Spotlight dimensions: (Width x Height x Depth) 22 x 11 x 4.5 cm
Light operation: 900 lumens all night long + 1000 lumens with motion detection