Sushi Outdoor

by Kristalia Srl

Extendable table minimalist, for gardens and outside

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Collection: Tables

Here we have a smooth, elegant and attractive extendable outdoor table with extreme functionality that matches its aesthetic value. This is a table for the discerning customer with an interest in exterior as well as interior design. It has a useful extension mechanism, which comes with a high resistant laminate surface, which is ideal for outdoor use. There is a robust tray that carries the extensions and is equipped with holes for rainwater drainage. The structure is made from aluminium and the hardware is stainless steel which guarantees maximum durability over time and gives the customer value for money. Itís easy to set up with no complicated instructions, thereís technology here, but nothing thatís beyond the least technical person. This is a table that gives comfort, durability, functionality and is an attractive addition to your collection of outdoor furniture. Invite your friends round for sushi, a barbecue or a simple summer feast that celebrates the warm weather, this table is clearly durable enough to endure the roughest of treatment due to the high quality materials itís made from.

Designer Bartoli Design