Atmosphera SS2800-17-W-N


Suspension lamp with spheres in white glass

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Collection: Crystal

Suspension lamp, 17 lights, artistic glass white spheres, nickel structure.

Atmosphera modern glass lamps collection is a series of lamps composed of a single module: a blown glass sphere. The traditional techniques are re-elaborated to create a lighting work capable of suiting the most innovative projects: the purpose has been that of re-interpreting the tradition without renouncing to the high quality of the Murano glass.

The venetian glass tradition has thus been re-interpreted in new shapes and colours, without renouncing to a flawless manufacturing: the spheres are hand blown, and decorated using different techniques (murrine, silver leaf and others).

The spheres surround the nickel structure, spreading towards the outer space, thus creating a certain dynamism with the surrounding space. One of the most versatile and spontaneous collection of glass lamps in our catalogue, a series of artistic glass lamps to brighten up modern and minimal spaces; the ideal solution to decorate great architectural installations.

This modern glass lighting is available in many different variations: table lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lamps and suspension lamps. The ideal solution also for the contract sector.