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Stackable vintage chair

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Collection: Chairs

The Cuisine chair is an interior and exterior chair with a vintage and ergonomic design, ideal for furnishing a home, kitchen, living room, bar, meeting rooms and hotels.

In the choice of design chairs for the home come into play different components: the adaptation to the context of furniture, primarily with the table and at the same time ensure a good comfort and find a good aesthetic compromise: the Chair represents the intersection among the variables just mentioned.
The CUISINE chair is reminiscent of the chair created by the famous British designer Jasper Morrison, this chair is characterized by its linearity, practicality and color tones, the context in which the CUISINE chairs will become more cheerful and welcoming, or modern essential, in the case in which more sober colors fit into offices and meeting rooms.
The functionality of the stacking makes the CUISINE chairs useful both for interiors and exteriors, as they are more manageable and easily transportable from one environment to another; their polypropylene composition allows outdoor use thanks to its characteristics of solidity, practicality and washability.
The added value that the CUISINE chair to the environment in which it will be inserted will be: a better functionality and practicality, a better aesthetic sense.
The CUISINE Chair was created with the aim of creating a unique product that perfectly follows the lines of the body and make it one of the most comfortable and comfortable chairs on the market. The CUISINE chair will not betray expectations.

Features of the Cuisine chairs:

Total dimensions: 82x49x43 cm
Seat dimensions: 43x43 cm
Seat height from the ground: 45 cm
Leg width on the side: 49 cm