by Inday

Modular armchair fully made in polyethylene, for indoor and outdoor use

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Collection: Chairs

Modular polyethylene seat. Max˛ does not match up to the normal concept of an armchair: in fact, it is an industrially produced "unit", provided with a hard but highly ergonomic seat, a wide armrest that can also be used as a small table or computer stand and a base with a magazine shelf or bag shelf. It is possible to sit on Max˛ in different positions and also stretch out for relaxing moments. By hooking on more units it is possible to create the widest range of combinations: from the small twoseat sofa, to the back-toback or face-to-face chairs and the multiple seating. Max˛, made of rotomolding, comes in neutral and universal colours, such as white, black, aluminium grey, red, green and orange, which are suitable for public areas such as bars, reception areas, airports and professional studios.
Design: Robby Cantarutti and Francesca Petricich
Dimensions: 0,37 m3, net weight: 19 kg