Reclining electric relaxation armchair with people lift in leatherette ELIZABETH Design - SR681PUN

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Electric armchair with people lift

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As they grow older, the elderly often experience difficulties in walking, which is why it would be better to try to find the solution that suits them: a comfortable and practical patient chair to use even when you are at home alone, to stand up without making efforts and thus avoid unpleasant and dangerous falls.

The ELIZABETH electric patient chair for the elderly is a special comfortable chair designed specifically to offer maximum relaxation and ensure the end user the relaxation of all muscles, but especially to prevent joint pain caused by prolonged sitting.

The ELIZABETH is equipped with an innovative LIFT person lift system, which provides the elderly with a significant help in getting up from the seat. All this is made possible thanks to an electric motor that allows the user to stand upright without requiring too much effort. This type of electric chair is particularly recommended for those who have serious difficulties in walking (not only elderly people). In fact, they allow you to reach a perfectly upright position without subjecting the person to unnecessary physical effort. The ELIZABETH armchair can also be easily used as a dining table chair, thanks to its possibility of elevation. The height is essential as it allows a comfortable seat during the consumption of meals.

This electric chair will satisfy any kind of need as it was created to maximize the comfort of each user. With ELIZABETH you will always feel safe and cuddled: you will always find the right position once seated thanks to the reclining of the backrest and the raising of the footrest, all by simply pressing the button on the remote control.

For over 20 years Le Roi du Relax has been taking care of the health of its customers and ELIZABETH is the relaxation chair designed and conceived to offer the best quality/price ratio on the market: its modern and elegant design, the comfort of the seat given by the very soft padding and the high quality leatherette upholstery, well finished, make this electric armchair lifter the perfect relaxation companion for any user!

Technical features ELIZABETH Electric Armchair:

Measurements: 71x76x116
Material: High quality leatherette
Extra padding for maximum comfort
Reclining armchair with LIFT people lift system, operated by remote control
Innovative, next-generation electric lift motor
Large comfortable side pocket for storing everyday items
Design: 100% Made in Italy
Brand: Le Roi du Relax
All raw materials used are of high quality in compliance with current standards
The positions of the armchair are operated by the special remote control, the backrest and footrest work in synergy to maximize relaxation and comfort
We do not deliver to the floor as the neck is easily transportable by 2 people
There is no collection service for used equipment