2-seater classic style sofa

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Collection: Classic Collection

Relax in the foreground for the Royal sofa. The careful craftsmanship of the leather, together with a studied and functional technology make it a high quality product. A historic piece, with current functionality and comfort, ideal for both classic and contemporary contexts, and which pays great attention to the charm with which furnishes the room. To the recalls of the past Royal combines generous, soft and sinuous shapes, enhanced by precious finishes, the result of productive processes that combine technology and craftsmanship. A unique product, therefore, of great charm and timeless charm.

The Classic Collection incorporates, refining them, those European models that were bestsellers in the '70s and' 80s. Finally we realize that history is written daily and then we realize, for once in a while, that the classics have an inexhaustible capacity to stimulate, in a new way, the creativity of those who contemplate them, so as to give life to a perennial metamorphosis on the border with the eternal.