s46 tommaso s48 tommasone

by Ponti Terenghi - X.AbitaRe

Extending table for living room

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Collection: Tables

Extendible dining table with aluminium silver anodised guides and chromium-plated or steel grey, white, black, anthracite, dark blue, champagne metal enamelled legs. Two 10mm thick black or white stratified extensions. Covering coloured cat.D, covering extralight white cat.E 10mm thick glass plane; available with serigraphy. Also available custom-made after estimation.
Design: D. Bianchi
S46 TOMMASO: cm.120/175X70 H.75 - 150/205X80 H.75
S48 TOMMASONE: cm.120/175/230X70 H.75 - 150/205/260X80 H.75

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