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Dining table with wooden top, tubular legs

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Collection: Tables

Simple and clean for the table inspired to China and one of its oldest and most popular games. The legs, tubular, do not develop perpendicular to the ground and the floor, but lean, open, overlapping, just like the sticks of the famous game.

The table is available in Shanghai aged spruce with legs painted in our standard colors or with top and legs in our colors series.
With wooden furniture fir aged you have an object with the fascination of a material which owes its beauty to the passage of time.
The outer surface carries with it years of history: the wood was in fact recovered from beams of old houses, from doors, ceilings. His tone, his color and grain of the boards are conditioned by the characteristics of the place where the waste is recovered timber.
Color differences and veins between the slats, nodes of large dimensions, blackening due to nail holes, cracks, traces of resin, even the possible presence of splinters testifies to the history of this type of wood, which is treated in a natural way and then with the passage of time will change hue continuing its transformation: all distinctive elements of old wood that confirm the authenticity and quality.

Design Pietro Arosio

H74 W220/240/270 D90 cm