Elettra Art. EL143

by Cantiero Srl

Walnut wood chair with padded seat

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Collection: Elettra

The Elettra collection is built according to the most modern quality standards.
The main characteristics are:

- Walnut blockboard structure with solid walnut details,
- High quality finishes with natural products
- Wengè inserts
- interior in solid beech or oak
- drawers built with the ancient 'dovetail' joining technique
- patented model

The Elettra Collection is inspired by the furniture of the late twentieth century and is presented in numerous chromatic and finishing solutions. The shaped decorations are handmade on noble solid wood parts. Of great importance are the transparencies obtained through the use of natural products and the combination of different finishes. A wide range of elements allow to furnish, in a coordinated way, both the living area and the sleeping area.