Boiserie Tecno

by Vama Divani

Pair of single beds with upholstered Boiserie as headboard, ideal for children's bedrooms

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Collection: Modern beds

Upon specific customer request, VAMA has created this Boiserie using panels upholstered in fine white leather, attaching them to the wall, thus recreating this beautiful effect.

The boys' bedroom is made up of two beds that are completely independent from the wall paneling and being equipped with wheels at their base, they can be easily moved if necessary, therefore, the beds can be moved away as in the image, or attached so as to recreate a kind of double bed.

With two single container beds available, there is no doubt, the savings in terms of space has been really remarkable for the customer.

If you are looking for a wall paneling for your bedroom and you need special measures to be respected, we remind you that we can also make it to measure according to your specific requests.