Miss Liberty DU.0001.BU

by Faber Mobili Srl

Modular bookcase with 9 compartments on the left, a large central space, and shocase on the right, for environments in classic style

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Collection: Bookcases

The composition of Miss Liberty is born as a driving force of a new collection of walls and bookcases, which have characteristics of absolute modularity and versatility. DIMENSIONS, FINISHES AND SPECIES ARE FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE. The window is framed by a beautiful pattern that returns all models of the collection. The shelves of the cabinet are made of crystal. The interior is made of ash wood, to counter the precious lacquer around him. The central base is surmounted by two shelves, adapted to contain large elements, such as a TV. The open space is a masterpiece that combines design, symmetries and combinations of materials: has nine spaces, perfectly identical, that offer great freedom containment. Above them, an excellent example of craftsmanship, completely support dual arch carved and hand finished. The extreme EASY 'in ASSEMBLY adds further value to this collection of modular.

Width: 330 cm
Depth: 40 cm
Height: 175 cm

Also available in the finishes and fabrics samples.

Sizes, finishes and woods are fully customizable.