Modo M5C56

by Sangiacomo

Bookcase with flap top

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Collection: Day bookcases

Structure with side panels and shelves 30 mm thick and back for TV with courtesy light and with matte white 10 lacquer finish
internal partitions 30 mm thick and partial backs with matte iron lacquer finish
front panels 20 mm thick with matte white 10 lacquer finish
front panels 35 mm thick with ash colour oak veneer
GHOST separator elements in matte iron lacquer finish sheet metal

The contemporary home expresses multiple needs for which Modo provides answers and specific modules. For example the desk drop leaf with thickness 35 mm and depth 400 mm, mounted on the structure of the composition at an ergonomic height of 750 mm by means of a thin yet strong steel wire attached to a metal plate built into the thickness of the door.