Spazio Contemporaneo SPAZE1059

by Idea Stile

Extendable dining table

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Collection: Dining room

CANALETTO dining table, rectangular 160 x 90 cm extendable with two extensions of 45 cm. With the first extension a measurement of 205 cm is reached, with the second extension the useful measurement becomes 250 x 90 cm. Entirely built with the folding technique, it is characterized by the inserts applied in the lower part of the legs in canaletto wood with natural finish.

When not in use, the extensions are stored inside the top.

- Closed size: 160 x 90 cm, space for 6 people
- Open with 1 extension: 205 x 90 cm, space for 8 people
- Open with 2 extensions: 250 x 90 cm, space for 10 people

The brushing of the raw wood, before coloring, allows to highlight the texture of the grain.