by Busnelli

Desk with minimal design

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Stardust is a collection of products that combines formal rigidity and research of the details. A structure of a clean geometrical shape, available in different finishes, works as support for a series of volumes that, from time to time, assume different functions. Stardust desk, an object of minimal design, born from the idea of subtraction and formal lightness, in which the border of the top, the tray and the drawers are wood veneer while the top is covered in leather. Stardust drawer, in which the upper part hides a functional and generous drawer inside. Stardust bench and pouf, in which the two typologies of available stitches for the top of the seat add a decorative note that contrasts pleasantly with the essentiality of the structure, giving proof to the elevated sartorial know-how matured by our company during the years. Available stitching with rectangular of “V” patterns.
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