Canaria Built-in

by Gruppo Geromin

Mini-pool with 28 whirlpool jets, for spa

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Collection: Hydromassage

The mini pool with an elegant and functional design to combine wellness and fun.

Hafro-Geromin Spa are made not only to be beautiful, but also to exceed all the whirlpool and high-quality ergonomic standards to ensure pleasant, long-lasting sensations.

240 x 100 H

Almond White


Mini pool cover
Oxygen tablets (1.2 kg)
Concentrated antialgae (1l)
Concentrated antifoam (500 ml)
Granular pH reducer (1.5 Kg)
PH/oxygen tester kit (40 tablets)
Bottle of filter cleaner (1l)
Insulated compensation tank (? 1000 l)
Sand filter 6 m3/h with recirculation pump
MY SPA KIT (Oxygen + Antialgae + Antifoam + pH + Tester + Filter cleaner)