Piscina Fuori Terra Intex 26378 Ex 26376 Ultra Frame Rettangolare Volley 975x488x132

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Large rectangular pool for outdoor use

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Collection: Swimming pools

Above ground rectangular pool Intex 26378 Ultra Frame Extralarge full optional with ladder, chlorine generator, cover sheets deluxe cleaning kit with skimmer included and volleyball set to have fun with friends and organize pool parties

The Intex rectangular above ground swimming pool 26378 (New Model of Intex version 26376) Ultra Frame is easy to assemble thanks to a new method for which no more clips are needed to connect metal parts. The elegant gray color enhances the value of an extremely solid, flexible and long-lasting pool.

It has a greater thickness and section than traditional frame models to increase resistance to water pressure and consumer use. All edges are rounded and rounded for child safety. PVC uses SUPER -TOUGH ™ technology and consists of three layers: an inner and outer layer in thick and durable PVC and an intermediate layer in polyester.

The sand pump is the best combination in the field of filtering equipment between cost optimization and pool water cleaning.

The filter is equipped with a 6-function valve:

against washing

The new generation of chlorine generator with algaecide system combines two combined technologies to sanitize the pool.
During the filtering process, the apparatus produces, through titanium plates, natural and safe chlorine at a level barely perceptible by swimmers.
The pool remains sanitized simply by pouring non-iodized salt into the water, which allows the electrolytic cell to produce chlorine. In addition, the chlorine generator includes the copper ionization function, which releases ions with high bactericidal and algaecide potential that treat and disinfect the water.

Technical features:

Above ground pool INTEX ULTRA FRAME 26378
Practice to be assembled and disassembled, thanks to a new method for which you no longer need clips to connect the metal parts.
Dimensions 975 x 488 x 132 Cm
ULTRA FRAME rectangular pool in treated steel resistant to rust and corrosion.
It is made of SUPER -TOUGH ™ PVC which consists of three layers: an inner and outer layer in thick and durable PVC and an intermediate layer in polyester.