BEEFMASTER Gas grill made of stainless steel with 4+1 burners grill and sink - BB3554GEUN

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Large barbeque counter

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Get rid once and for all of all fumes and unpleasant smells during barbecues: thanks to the innovative cooking system of the new BEEFMASTER gas grill, the removable grease tray will collect excess grease and drippings so as to avoid combustion: this is the perfect indoor gas grill! BEEFMASTER has a powerful grilling engine and is made of high-quality stainless steel, metal and wood (cutting board). Easy to clean and move thanks to its 8-large wheels, the BEEFMASTER gas grill is definitely what you were looking for.

Below you may find some fundamental features that make this Mr. Tuzza professional barbecue the best model on the market currently:

A REAL OUTDOOR KITCHEN: thanks to all its accessories, such as the practical sink or the wood cutting board, you will be able to grill every food, like fish, meat, skewers, vegetables and vegetarian burgers outdoors;

MAINTAIN THE NUTRITIVE VALUE OF FOOD UNALTERED: with BEEFMASTER gas grill every food remains juicy and tasty just like when you barbecue something, but you will avoid harmful emissions from burning coal;

EASY TO USE: this gas grill will be ready in just 5 minutes and thanks to its durable stainless steel cover with a built-in thermometer you will control the cooking temperature constantly. The best evenness of cooking ever;

SAY GOODBYE TO FUMES AND SMELLS: BEEFMASTER BBQ is specifically designed to prevent any smoke escaping; in doing so, you may also use this professional gas grill also on your balcony or terrace at home without disturbing your neighbours;

QUALITY AND SAFETY: all Mr. Tuzza gas grills are made of high-quality materials, which are resistant to weather conditions, wear and corrosion. Moreover, they shall undergo tests before being offered for sale in order to ensure that final clients are provided with high-quality and safe products;

BEST PRICE/QUALITY RATIO: BEEFMASTER is the most professional gas grill for sale at an extremely competitive price. When you buy a professional product, no expense spared; Mr. Tuzza took care of everything!

Technical Characteristics BEEFMASTER BBQ:

4 main burners + 1 side burner, food warmer
Included accessories of a commercial value of € 29,95: Two headed fork, Pliers and Spatula
Product size: 198x59x112 cm
Cooking area: 66×46.5 cm - Height: 90 cm
CTN size (3 parcels): 73.5x64x45.5 cm, 62x59x20 cm, 76x53.5x19.5 cm
Total rated heat output of 2 main burners: 3.5 kW
Rated heat output of side burner: 2.9 kW
Material: stainless steel, metal and wood
1 sink with integrated water tap included
1 wood cutting board included
Hooks for hanging all of your grill and/or kitchen tools included
Built-in thermometer for temperature control during cooking process
Electronic ignition
Practical and handy design
Removable grease tray
Grill cabinet adds enclosed storage space for all your essential grilling tools and accessories
8-large wheels make moving the grill easy
Powerful grilling engine
Regulator + PVC hose not included
Brand: Mr. Tuzza