Garden parasol with LED Solar Light 3x3 square aluminum arm PARADISE - PA303UVL

by ProduceShop

Parasol with LED light and integrated solar panel

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Paradise is a parasol with LED light and integrated solar panel ideal for lighting the garden, bar and restaurant, with a 3x3 meter white square roof with side arm.

Paradise 3x3 is a side-arm umbrella with integrated LED solar lamp, perfect to illuminate and make your bars and restaurants even more elegant, creating a unique and irresistible atmosphere.

The patented UV protection fabric creates a shade that is 8 to 10 degrees cooler than the umbrellas of the same weight, thus providing additional comfort for those seeking shade relief. You will find the taste of eating outdoors both during the day and in the evening thanks to the powerful LED lighting that will allow you to make your garden elegant and unique!

The LED lighting consists of a central lamp and 7 LED strips applied to the structure of the umbrella to ensure a full and uniform light over the entire area, the battery placed on the structure is able to self-load through the solar panel or it can be disassembled and charged via USB port.

Paradise parasol with LED light is unique in its kind, made with materials and innovative high quality systems, perfect to ensure a unique and exclusive product to individuals or local, based and designed over the years in relation to customer needs.

Made entirely of aluminum with outdoor coating, this square garden umbrella has a pedal at the base to orient the shadow to 360 ° (possibly removable if you want to keep fixed and not adjustable by anyone, such as in bars) and of handle to adjust the shadow vertically. Paradise is simply the most elegant, practical and convenient sunshade for those looking for a professional product.

Technical features:

Patented anti-UV ray fabric weight 250 g / m2
Led lamp with high lighting
7 Led strips mounted on the structure
Battery with rechargeable USB port via Solar panel with on / off button
Integrated Solar panel to guarantee a constant and fast charge at Zero Cost
Aluminum structure with offset center pole
Dimension of the shade: 3 x 3 meters
Dimensions of the diagonal open umbrella: 4.24 meters
Pole dimensions: 50 x 78 mm
Height from the ground to the lower part of the cloth: 240 cm
Details and quality connectors
Screws in AISI 304 stainless steel
Possibility to rotate the shadow at 360 ° with pedal on the base
Possibility to adjust the shade vertically with adjustment handle
Reinforced ribs windproof dimensions 15 x 21 mm
Windproof bellows
Cream white exterior color, silver interior
Cross base in metal included, cement bases not included